An Alarm Goes Off On My Desktop Computer

By joankitty888 ·
The other night for no reason an Alarm wnet off on my Computer my Mother turned the Computer off i was not home.When i came back and rebooted it went off again.I pressed the reset button it went off but then when i rebooted it went off again.I have Windows XP Pro.I have lots of Hard drive space plus memory and my cooling fans are ok and a good hard drive. Thank You Sincerly Joan Hall.Ps i have changed no settings at all

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Need Some More Info

by willcomp In reply to An Alarm Goes Off On My D ...

Does the computer boot into XP when alarm is sounding? Is it a continuous, loud tone?

What PC do you have?

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Well assuming that the system is working OK

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to An Alarm Goes Off On My D ...

And that the alarm only starts after the system POST's I would be looking inside the BIOS at the section called System Health where the M'Board Alarms are situated.

This could be because a Fan has failed/is going too slow, the Temp has gone over a certain level or that the Voltages are off what they should be.

Depending on why this alarm is sounding will tell you what needs fixing.


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Alarm Going Off On Computer

by joankitty888 In reply to Well assuming that the sy ...

Hello im Joan Hall with The Alarm problem on my PC.The Alarm first went off while my Mother was sleeping this happend only twice and it was after midnight.When i came home,he next day i turned it on and rebooted it up.The Alarm went off after a while the alarm stopped.My Fan is good Mother Board Hard Drive Ect all good.Its not a beeping sound its like,an alarm that wont shut off.Thank You Sincerly Joan Hall

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The alarm 'is' telling you something

by komokozie In reply to Alarm Going Off On Comput ...

Not being a wisenheimer...
The alarm 'is' telling you 'something'..

Open your case again, and with the power 'off' use a flashlight and look underneath the CPU fan at the heatsync. My guess is, there, you will find the culprit... dark nasty build-up of dust and dirt.

Computers are a !magnet! for dust.
I promise you... !even the 'cleanest'! of homes will build up dust is this spot and in the case itself... Promise! You'd be surprised the amount of dust I've blown out of computers from $Mill. homes with maids and everything.

If the system is running, you most likely will not see this, especially if not using a flashlight.
If this is the case, AND ONLY IF YOUR CONFIDENT, then carefully disassemble fan from Sync, use old toothbrush to clean top of sync and vaccuum up, or remove sync and use high pressure air (outside), or whatever, to clean the sync. Remember to use Thermal paste when replacing it.

Also, clean fan blades !!EXTREMELY!! !!gently!!
Reassemble and try again. I think your problem will go away.

Now what the other person said about a fan running slower than it should, could also very well be true .. and again this is not something the 'eye' will see easily .. unless it's almost to a complete stop.

Also as they said, go look at the BIOS and check the Health settings. Disable or lower one at a time, until the alarm no longer goes on in Windows and then you know where to look for the problem. !!!DONT FORGET to reenable each one you changed !!!

Good luck !

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Which Fan is involved here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Alarm Going Off On Comput ...

You may be thinking of a Case FAN, a CPU Fan, a GPU Fan but if those are all OK =what about the one in the Power Supply?

What does the System Health Page in the BIOS tell you?

What Alarms are turned on?

You will find all of this in the BIOS and you have to look there because that is where these are set from and they will be telling you what is going wrong.

Alarms like BIOS Beeps are telling you that there is something wrong and ignoring these will only result in bigger costs to repair.


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by NexS In reply to An Alarm Goes Off On My D ...

If the 'alarm' goes off while you are using your PC (ie: after you've logged into Windows etc) then it may be a virus. Possibly?

It might be worth running a virus scan?

If the 'alarm' happens before you get to your Operating System then ignore this.

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