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    an application wont open


    by jagas ·

    please guys i need urgent help, some 7 months ago i contracted a programmer ti help me design an application, he did and it worked well and i have used it for the past seven months, but just today the application automatically shutted down and wont re open on clicking, it does not display any error message but when click it behaves as if it was not clcked.

    can some one please advice on what to do please. i can send the application if you like.

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      Post in Question forum

      by Tammy.Cavadias ·

      In reply to an application wont open

      Please post this in the question forums. Thanks!

      -Tammy [_]3

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      Try restoring your computer using system restore

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to an application wont open

      I am assuming you are running Windows, so try using system restore to restore to a point that it worked.
      Also, disable your virus scanner, especially if it is Symantec, I have had the latest version of Symantec false positive the most inane things.
      Last week it decided the wa.exe for my worms Armageddon game was a virus and tried to delete it (was on a CD…). This wouldn’t have bothered me except that the game had been running for an hour already, so not only was the scanner so useless it detected an ancient game as being a virus, if it was a virus, the scanner would have let it run for an hour before detecting it.

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