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An aside question then:

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@vulpine Re: the aside

by mark.cooper In reply to An aside question then:

I believe the biggest obstacle to widespread Microsoft tablet use was cost. I considered the Fuji and HP touch convertibles but they were just too expensive for my budget and I didn't see a real use for the extra cost. Memory is now so much cheaper, SSD's are dropping in price. Touchscreen technology is much better and lower priced. At $1000 I'd get a Surface Pro. At $1500 I'd get a Surface Pro if it had a 512 GB SSD and 8 to 16 GB RAM.

With the Iconia W500, touch is just a third input option. I use keyboard and mouse 90% of the time. I often use touch while docked for navigation, links, and other simple things in legacy code. Where the W500 shines is the ability to undock and head to a meeting. It's much easier to pass around the tablet without the keyboard to show people various screens/web sites. The last two weeks I've been using it to set up some wireless systems. Set up while docked. Test undocked.

The W500 is as big and heavy as an Acer Aspire Aspire One netbook I have. Separating the keyboard on the W55 is a big plus for me. The MS Surface Pro will be even better in my various work environments due to the lighter weight and hopefully much longer batter life.

I manage a bunch of Windows servers and workstations using RDP. I manage some Linux boxes (home rolled firewalls using squid and shorewall, and print servers) using webmin an NoMachine. The NX Client installed on W8RP without a hitch.

I used the tablet for a week instead of my laptop for a week just for grins. Used the same external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The only thing I missed was my almost filled 750 GB HDD. I kept Outlook open on the tablet screen and did everything else on the big screen. The tablet is client owned so I've not installed my Photoshop Elements 10 or PaintShop Pro X4. I've also not installed Zune on the tablet for my Samsung Focus (1) Windows Phone that contains 32 GB of music.

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