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An easy one...

By dafunk ·
....I hope!

I am running XP Pro on my P4 machine. While tinkering in areas that I probably shouldn't have (hey, we've all done it!), I somehow managed to boot my ISP out and screw up my dial-up connection. I think it had something to do with me un-checking MSN in Windows Components (MSN was taking up like 13 MB and it said it WOULDN'T remove my current ISP). Afterwards, I could get my PeoplePC dial-up prompt back, so I tried to uninstall Peoplepc and reinstall. Now, the software extracts from the disk and the initial prompt pops up, but doesn't do anything. I got PeoplePC on the horn and they claim that I need to use an XP version of their software (which may or may not arrive within the decade). I don't even think that this will solve the problem. It seems like something else. Any ideas?
PS- I originally installed PeoplePC before I upgraded to XP.

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An easy one...

by BeerMonster In reply to An easy one...

Funnily enough, someone else had a very similar problem last week. Below is the answer I gave them. They accepted it so I assume it worked ok for them -

ISP setup disks REALLY get me riled, branding my IE beyond all recognition.As a resultI have NO qualms at all about circumventing their installation process - using their facilities but not having to put up with their bull. What I tend to do is use a 'free' ISP, if you have a paid for service then in the following description just replace the username and password with your own legitimate ones. All an ISP connection disk does (apart from turning your machine into an advertising hoarding) is create a dial up connection to their servers. Browse your ISP's disk, and look for their signup file. This will usually have an .ins extension, but I have seen them with .isp extensions - I've also seen them zipped up with the IE source in a file. You are looking for a settings file which will contain the phone number, and username \ password, to make the initial connection to their network. Below is a sample from a free isp service provided by a UK supermarket chain -



Simply create your own dial up connection, using their number and their username \ password. now everytime you dial in you'll get an ip address \ dns address and access tothe internet without having to visit any of the ISP's pages at all...

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