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    An error message at Console prompt


    by singhjunk ·

    This is the one that has been troubling me a for a long time. At my Netware Server conole prompt I keep on getting this message that:-

    6-01-2000 1:28:22 pm: SERVER-5.0-3651
    Severity = 1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
    POLICY MANAGER – (5.00-035): Update Connection License failed. Error # C0001001. .CN=BROWNK.OU=Warehouse.O=CAGP.T=USCAG_PRIMARY_TREE.)

    Although I started having this problem since I have installed NW5SP4. I don’t know whats wrong I did everything

    Make sure DS needs to be healthy and I did run DSREPAIR.
    Then Deleted and reinstalled the Licences.

    Have any one any suggestions.

    Jasjeet Singh

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      An error message at Console prompt

      by pallan ·

      In reply to An error message at Console prompt

      This is a known issue with SP4 and licensing. Error C0001001 is a cosmetic error. If that’s all you’re getting, it’s not hurting anything.

      Try NW5SP5, which is supposed to correct most of these issues and was released this week.

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