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By The Young One ·
In the spirit of everything becoming "easier" i have noticed some great little features becoming available on mobile phones that haven't quite caught on in IT.

An example is the voice tag feature for speed dials. With the latest mobiles, you can press a button, say your best mates name and boom, it starts calling him.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just say "Start Full Backup" and the tech workstation would begin the process of backing up the system?

Couldn't be that hard, it would just be an 'on event' script caused by a common trigger, and with speech recognition already available.

Anyone else like to see this sort of stuff start happening?

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Love it :)

by Oldefar In reply to An idea

Wasn't it Windows 3.1 where voice commands were available? I know it was by the early 1990's, and may have been before that. Then there were those commercials for the feature.

I had to chuckle. I remember coming up with this great idea to use the car engine to charge the battery. My dad almost wet himself laughing before finally taking me out to the family car and showing me the alternator. Oh well.

I don't know when that capability was dropped from the settings, but I can't find it on 2000. Maybe on the CD?

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Human factor ...

by jardinier In reply to An idea

Because of the fallibility of the human memory, important procedures could easily be forgotten. I would much prefer to have the system set up for regular back-up, with a visual and audio announcement: "Scheduled back-up now starting. Expected time, 2 hours 23 minutes (or whatever)."

Or if you go for the voice recognition, how about a suble warning if you forget to issue a command at the appropriate time. Following Microsoft's lead it could be something like: an ear-splitting "Ding!" with the message: "You have failed to remember a scheduled operation. You will be shot at dawn."

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Add feedback loop

by Oldefar In reply to Human factor ...

I like your idea, but a feedback loop might help. First the ear-splitting warning and message. Next, an electrical surge to the chair of the miscreant - high voltage, low current. A doubling of both volume and voltage with each subsequent offense could serve as reinforcement.

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Actually, it already exists

by LordInfidel In reply to An idea

Dragon's Naturally speaking can do this already.

From their site:
Perform complex tasks on your computer instantly with a spoken word or phrase. Create your own specialized commands-from simple dictation shortcuts to scripting commands that can automate virtually any process.

I personally don't use it.

But this would not be good for tasks that should be automated anyways, like backups.

But I guess it would be cool to sit at your pc and instead of clicking on a icon, to just say the programs name and it would launch.

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by ghstinshll In reply to Actually, it already exis ...

...The stuff isn't just for dictation....... (-:{

I loved that "alternator" story above...


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I like silence.

by admin In reply to An idea

I actually automated my house extensively at one point, including voice commands. As long as you kept it simple it worked. By the time the voice activated television remotes were on the market, I had already decided that I enjoy typing, pressing buttons and being generally silent as I go about my business. I find it easier to point and click while someone is on the phone with me, and kind of silly to be alone in my office saying "Computer:Check Mail" etc.

Sounds good on Dexters Lab, Silent Running, 2001 and of course when Kirk speaks..... but I didn't like it in real life.

The new cell phone feature with the photo transmission is interesting to... now to find the old RS modified rf scanner and the source code for the protocol and proggy, eh?


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I like the idea, but...

by dbgirl In reply to An idea

I downloaded a program awhile back that used voice commands to automate tasks on my pc. It was okay, but it got a little annoying. Something about how I talk, and I went through the training, is hard for the computer to understand. It's really unnerving to say something to your computer, and have it say "I don't understand." The programs come with a training program that you are supposed to read out loud so the computer will understand you, but that's kinda funny too. The one I downloaded had you read stories to your computer to train it. That was about 2 years ago, so maybe the program has improved. I don't remember the name of it, but it was freeware.

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I am not surprised ...

by jardinier In reply to I like the idea, but...

that a downloadable freeware version would be ineffective. As mentioned in another posting, Dragon's Naturally Speaking seems to be the current favourite.
Then there was IBM's Via Voice, but I don't know if it is still available.
Voice Recognition is also included in certain sofware packages.

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freeware not the problem...

by dbgirl In reply to I am not surprised ...

I actually did try Dragon's Naturally Speaking as well. It really didn't work any better for me than the freeware. Something about the way I speak just doesn't work well with these programs. I have a coworker who used the freeware program with great success. I think it has something to do with the fact that I tend to not speak loud enough. I try, but it takes a lot of concentration.

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A couple of ideas ....

by jardinier In reply to I am not surprised ...

Most likely you have already thought of other possible solutions, but I will make a couple of suggestions anyhow.
You could buy a high sensitivity directional microphone from an audio shop;
You could visit a speech therapist to see if there is any easy way of strenghtening your voice.
Good luck in your quest for a solution.

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