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An offer and a potential opportunity

By khaledreda ·
I'm currently working in company A, and I recently made an interview in company B. I'm very interested to go wotk in company B as they do offer a much better pay, and because it's also telecom company (like company A) which is a field I'm really enjoying working at. The problem is company B didn't yet call me for another interiview. I'm not sure this is because they don't want me or because they're slow in their hiring. I called them to ask about the status but they said they're still not sure and they'll call me back if they want to proceed.

On the other hand, company A is offering me a good higher position with a slightly better pay. But they said that since it will need much training and investment, so we should have a gentleman agreement that I don't leave the position or the company for the next 3 years for them to have a suitable ROI. The problem now is I don't know how to proceed. I think I have these 2 options:

1- Wait until company B calls me for another interview, and then see if I'll join them or not. If not then I can re-negotiate company A offer if it still exists.
2- Accept company A offer now regardless of the feedback I will get from company B.

What do you think? Shall I proceed with option 1 or 2? Or are there other options?


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Personal choice is yours

by w2ktechman In reply to An offer and a potential ...

after all you will be the one that needs to make it.
If you need more time to decide, see if your current company can wait for an answer, or, look into getting a position somewhere else (if company B does not respond).

The main thing to look at is, even with an offer on the table from your current employer, is that position what you are seeking? Will you be 'locked in' with little career advancement afterwards? Will you regret the descision?

But, even though they say that you will be locked in, I am unsure of the legal rights to it. If it is contract work, you may be, but if you are an employee of the company, I would doubt it. That is probably more of what they want from you rather than legally, if you can leave.

Consider first what the job entails, and if it will lead you on the career path that you want. If not, do not accept it just cause it pays a bit better.

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Which company better suits your long term non-monetary goals

by JamesRL In reply to An offer and a potential ...

Choose that one.

If its company B, then call them and tell them honestly that you would like to work for them, but you have another offer to consider. That might help them advance the timetable on their hire. If they don't make the right noises, then stay with A. Remember to not accept anything less than a written offer from B as proof of their intent.


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