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An Utterly Confused MBA!

By Optimistic Maverick ·
I wanted to put things into perspective before I elaborate on my question.

I graduated with a degree in computer science in 2006. After graduation, I worked as a BUSINESS ANALYST at a software company. My primary responsibilities were to gather and document software requirements. I never really had any exposure to programming or code during my job.

My stint as a BA lasted for 2 years. For some odd reason (maybe it was a lack of focus on my part) I wanted to pursue an MBA. I enrolled in an MBA program and majored in marketing.

This was a complete 180 degree turn from my initial qualification. I knew deep down inside that an MBA was a step I had to take to make a career change and enter the supposedly glamorous world of marketing.

Well now, I am not so sure I made the right decision.

For starters, I have a passion for everything tech related. But my ineptitude in programming, my lack of focus and the ostensible attractiveness of the marketing world (brand management and advertisement) somehow convinced me that an MBA in marketing was the right decision.

Fast forward 2 years and now I find myself utterly confused and still looking for a job after 8 months of graduating with an MBA. Marketing jobs are very scarce and are certainly NOT a dime a dozen.

My initial experience (both academic and work) is related to software development and IT. My latest qualification is geared towards marketing.

I dont know which side to choose. Should I go back to IT or should I look for a career in marketing? This is a very critical juncture of my life. I am still 26 and am looking forward to a career that is long, successful and satisfying.

Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

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Do you identify with this bloke ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to An Utterly Confused MBA!;leftCol

If you do, you've got to get yourself into employment.

If you don't, you've got some serious thinking to do.

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Looks to me

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to An Utterly Confused MBA!

like you need to go with your heart in this. Lucrative and glamorous are the befuddlers here.

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not sure how many here actually live in Pakistan

by CG IT In reply to An Utterly Confused MBA!

who can give you advise on the job market in Pakistan.

Maybe if you went to Iran or Jordan, maybe Siria, you might have better job prospects as a MBA.

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