An xp pro dial up network

By go4h2o ·
Ok Guys/Gals, Here's the deal. I've had the Rhode Island State Police at my door because I sent 900 million emails in 1999. I'm ashamed because I'm not sure how do I allow my uncle and a few other friends dial up to my PC on a dedicated 2nd phone line in order to connect to my broadband internet??
Any tricks to cofiguring a dial up server with XP Pro?

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They are dialing into your computer

by w2ktechman In reply to An xp pro dial up network

to use your broadband connection???

This seems pointless, as they wont gain the bandwidth..

Now, what was the real reason that the police were there?? I send 900 emails a week at least (on busy weeks). I know people that do 200+/day (work related).
Were you a naughty one that spammed people?? C'mon, tell the truth!!

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