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Analog Monitor Integration

By shpl ·
I am wondering if I would get video signals all right into an analog CRT monitor from a system with a PIII 500 CPU installed on a Intel 810 chipset board with integrated video/audio. Generally how does one integrate analog monitors into a system ? Just like digital CRT monitors or differently ? . I have never used analog monitors before but I am getting one real cheap and a system too separately and I need to find a way to integrate the two. Any info on analog monitor usage would be also appreciated.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Analog Monitor Integratio ...

You shouldn't have any problems as all output from any Video Card is Analog. You have the Red, Green, Blue signals then the Vertical & Horizontal signals and then a couple of Power Saving Lines if the monitor supports Power Saving.

Of the 15 Pins available 6 are used for the RGB, 4 for the Horizontal & Vertical Sync and 2 for any Power Saving. On some monitors all the earth leads are done away with and you have a common earth instead of one earth for each of the RGB, Horizontal & Vertical Sync and Power Saving Leads and this is the external Shield for the monitor cable which connects to the metal chassis of the monitor and the metal of the case through the Support bracket and external metal part of the VGA Plug.


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