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analog movie to DVD

By luque ·
What inexpensive, but adequate, hardware and software is recommended to convert 8mm (or VHS) movies to CD or DVD format?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to analog movie to DVD

wonder if the shareware version of dvdit! that comes with many dvd burners would do this?

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by TheChas In reply to analog movie to DVD

First you need a video capture card, or a video card that has an analog input on it.

Some of the ATI "All-In-Wonder" cards can do this.

Otherwise, select the Pinnacle capture card that is in your price range.

If you buy a retail card and not a white-box or OEM card, it should come with basic software.

Check your DVD burning software. It may include a video conversion utility.

Make sure that you have LOTS of free hard drive space. A full DVD is 4.7GB of mpeg2 encoded data.


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by stress junkie In reply to analog movie to DVD

I was organising my bookmarks and saw this link that I remembered had excellent information. I tested the link to be sure that it still worked. Happy to report that it does. This web page was written as a consumer guide to having 8mm and video tape transferred to DVD. It is technical enough to be useful to someone wanting to do this themself.


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by wlbowers In reply to analog movie to DVD

As said a video capture hardware setup is needed.

You can get video cards with capture, tv tuner cards with capture, dedicated devices.

They can be usb, firewire, or pci cards.

Here are some links: (WinTv) (Pinnacle Systems) (Adaptec)

Your price range will be anywhere from $50 to $1000.

Once you get the capture you need software to compose your movies. You will get some kind of software with the capture hardware. How good they are is another story.

You want software that converts and saves to the common formats, avi, mpeg, ect.

Then you need to burn them.

Nero 6 has a good suite of software that will help you quite a bit.

Good Luck Lee

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by csmith In reply to analog movie to DVD

The 3 August 2004 issue of PC Magazine has a good article on cheap ways to convert 8mm to DVD.
Regards, Chris

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