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    i have been able to install analogx and http is working fine. however i cannot access any site with https . please help

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      by awwalia ·

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        analogx https not working

        by awwalia ·

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        thankx a lot for your effort i had seen the link earlier the problem still continues for me i can access https/http sites from the sever pc however clients can only open http sites

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          Verification checked?

          by jellimonsta ·

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          Do you have the ‘require server verification’ checked in the sites under ‘security’ in IE settings? If so, you may want to uncheck it.

          Edit: Also, you do have your client proxy settings to use port 6588 and point to that server correct?

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          still not working

          by awwalia ·

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          i tried the uncheck thing but it is still not working….. the proxy settings have to be correct since http sites are working ….. i will again bring out the problem i am facing….
          i have a internet connection through a proxy server

          desktop is connected to internet through the proxy
          i want to establish wireless lan between laptop and desktop
          i have installed analogx proxy on desktop
          i can access all sites from dtop
          from laptop i can access sites with http but not https

          i hope i have given the relevant details !!
          any help will be greatly appreciated !!…!!
          i have learnt a great deal from the the help provided to me on internet … infact i believe one can find solution to every problem in life on internet!!!!!!!!!!

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