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This may be something that the brains of the writers at Tech republic might want to look at: an overview of all the top Anti-Malware solutions for the Enterprise sites ( 500 and above I guess, in my case about 8000 ). A Feature to feature comparison, price over view, and an apples to apples comparison ( some are software client based with a heavy emphasis on signatures, low emphasis on heuristics, whilst some have hardware solutions with console based solutions that analysise events, so obviously comparing hardware with the software is not apples to apples).
Anyway, I have had to go laterally across email resources, and web site resources, and whilst getting three wonderful paragraphs from the World banks Security team, its god awful tedious when little is relevant to my task. And some web sites have great 60 page monographs, but some can be outdated, but some are relevant at maybe 3-4 key points. Meanwhile, I have a deadline to meet, and I have no idea if what I have found is good, great, average, and if it is overpriced, underpriced, appropriately priced, or just plain cheap and nasty.
More to the point with Malware solutions, is Signatures, plus C & C, Heuristics, a fair amount of Education to be handed to the Training section who are underfunded anyway, or do we **** off Training/Education and Crunch UAC ? Personally I like education, since I hate over done UAC.
Anyway, How about some articles on product, maybe product and Hardware comparison, even if only from the Documents ? Might save some poor souls brain while I get thrown a Incident Control Document and CSIRT response document.

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