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    Analyst programmer


    by dipak.lolage ·

    i am confuse about which position is higher in IT hierarchy.
    Is Analyst programmer is lowere position then Programmer or What is next phase after Analyst programmer.

    Actually I have 4+ years experience in IT field as a Software developer with Desktop application and Web application also. But now i got the apportunity for Application programming, so i am confused to accept this apportunity or not ?

    Please help me ?

    Dipak Lolage.

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      It’s all one

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Analyst programmer

      The job title is irrelevant, you have to look at the role.

      There are very few just programers now. That was what might be called a coder. They took the output of an analyst usually pseudo-code of some sort and implemented it in a language.
      Then to save a job, along came the analyst/programmer, which then got variously described as solution provider , developer etc.
      Some one who took a requirement from a business analyst or just direct from a stakeholder and then came up with a design and then implemented it. Solution providers were defined as those who might glue togther off the shelf applications before they got their chosen programming language out.

      Where you fit in the hierarchy usually low down, varies by organisation. Basically it depends on how many consraints are already set before you do your bit. A coder was pretty much down to maybe selecting a for loop instead of while. Very few organisations choose to afford the number of specialist positions to drive that sort of development. Besides it came from a world where computer time was much more expensive than people time. The more you could get done on paper the better.

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