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And the answer is ...

By Thump21 ·
I hope this doesn't sound chauvinistic, it's not meant to be.

There are many factors involved for why there are so few women in IT, the smart-girl as a negative, few role models, guidance to other careers, etc. but the actual root of it is much simpler. Men are generally thinkers, problem solvers, "thing"-people, while women are emotional creatures, nurturing, they are "people"-people. They tend to collect in database administration because such a thing requires management/care-taking, but it's hard to think of coding a program as the act of "nurturing". It's much closer to a "solve the puzzle and go to the next level" exercise, like so many video games.

So this starts at a young age. Girls will play video games to have "fun". Boys will play video games to prove they can "conquer".

That's my take anyway.

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by Shellbot In reply to And the answer is ...

some sweeping generalisations there..

from someone who couldn't manage to post this in the thread it belongs in???

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by jck In reply to whoa

I think u need this, Shell...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((( Hugs ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I know...it's not in the right thread. :^0

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by Shellbot In reply to lol

Well, I'll excuse it this time JCK..
next time though..might not be as forgiving

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by jck In reply to haha!

Shell, you're too sweet to me. :)

I'll try to behave. :^0

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You go girl! nt

by GSG In reply to whoa
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by Steffi28 In reply to whoa

I like this :)

You go girlie, give him ****

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by Shellbot In reply to :D

I was way too easy on him...
I mean for g0ds sake...if ya can't even manage to click a dang reply button in a thread..

maybe I'm just cranky today...

oh..actually working on yer CV!

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I was incredibly restrained

by Shellbot In reply to whoa

I just seen "nurtureing" and "database administration" and though WTF rock did this guy crawl out from under???

Its amazing, in this day and age that people like this still exist.

Yes, women CAN be more nurturing, but that has nothing to do with freaking IT. Ok, I'm incredibly protective about my databases, but its not because they are my children and I have to nurture them to adulthood or something..its because if they crash and burn its MY @ss on the line.. I have a job to do, I am paid to keep them up and running, thats it, end of the story.

as my brother would say, what a "meegit"

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Oh Shell..

by jck In reply to I was incredibly restrain ...

to paraphrase Val Kilmer's line from Tombstone:

"We stand corrected, Shell. You're an oak."

(if you haven't seen that movie, you have to...)

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Gods of us all,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to And the answer is ...

I'll bet it was easier on your knuckles before we paved everything. You must have some impressive calluses from dragging them on the asphalt.

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