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    And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??


    by charlotte.b ·


    I thought it would be interesting to hear your views. Well, given that both Mozilla and Chrome are widely used. What browser do you use? Which browser do you think is the best?
    I personally use Mozilla but maybe i am missing out because Chrome has some very good reviews and i have always thought of switching it up?

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      “Best” browser is very subjective…

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??

      different users have different needs. Shucks, I have different needs at different times of day, hehe. Anyway…I will say this, I WILL NOT TOUCH CHROME WITH A TEN-FOOT POLE! I’m sorry if this offends anyone but hey, that’s the way this old guy rolls. FWIW…I no longer use Google for anything either.
      As for “best”…I look back in my web usage history, and that covers more years than I care to divulge…the “best” browser I ever used…Arachne for DOS! For Windows and Linux, I still prefer Presto based Opera versions, but nowadays, I have to use Firefox (I use the ESR versions) to do some things on the net.

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        Quick question.

        by charlotte.b ·

        In reply to “Best” browser is very subjective…

        What is the main reason behind you not using Chrome?

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          Quick answer, lol, you wish!

          by Wizard57M-TR ·

          In reply to Quick question.

          I utterly despise the underhanded method by which Google attempts to foist Chrome onto users systems! Bundling Chrome into a browser plugin update installed (especially Flash) reeks of spyware, reminds me of the old “browser buddies” that many unwary users would have installed in their browsers, and wonder why it took so long for the browser to start.
          This scheme turned me against Google for any service, I no longer use their search, I don’t have gmail, and I don’t really consider browsers that utilize Blink for the rendering engine as a viable browser FOR ME…including Chropera (the new Opera, but that is a whole “nother” discussion, lol).
          It has even soured me toward Android phones…I don’t want one, dont’ have a smartphone…maybe someday but it probably won’t be Android, nor iPhone.

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          More details..

          by charlotte.b ·

          In reply to Quick answer, lol, you wish!

          If privacy is your main concern then what i do know is that all browsers offer a privacy-session option. You could always switch-on your internet connection to a private session? Private sessions prevent the storage of cookies, history and temporary internet files.
          Anyway, on the issue of Chrome, Google has most recently made changes after it released Chrome Version 56 this year, meaning that Chrome’s security levels are now a top-notch higher than before.
          As for me? Well because of the different suggestions given, i think i will be downloading 4 browsers, test each of them out, learn their features before ultimately remaining with 2 that suit me the best.

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          by white52 ·

          In reply to Quick answer, lol, you wish!

          thx to you i remember friend who are crazy as you 😀 like you think you are so special that some one should spy over you 😀 just chill

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          I don’t mean to speak for him, but…

          by colin.mccann ·

          In reply to lol

          …he probably doesn’t think he’s so special ” that some one should spy over you”, just that Google would have the underhanded audacity/temerity/balls to try and get as much information on you, any way they can, as often as they can, so they can use it for their own advantage.
          For the record, I agree with him. I use Chrome when I need to, not when I want to.

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      best browser

      by trickyvicky ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??

      I use Opera, it’s the best for me.

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        bet browser

        by tytanius ·

        In reply to best browser

        Yeah, did you try Opera Neon, it’s pretty legit. I personally use Chrome but Opera incognito and free VPN is an amazing option.

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      Best Browser

      by globaltechcrew ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??

      Chrome is the best due to integrated flash player in it

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      by thossapon085125 ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??


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      I choose mini browser

      by fancywang ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??

      There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the best browser in current market, but its memory usage is too large for my poor little cell phone.
      So I went to the mini browser, it only used a small amount of mobile phone memory, and it have built-in privacy mode, and ad-blocking features. No annoying advertising interruptions, no one tracking my history, which makes me feel very comfortable.
      Real mini private browser.

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      Best Browser

      by robertosburn6 ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??

      I prefer to use mozilla firefox. This is quite user friendly.

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      I think it should be goes to: / read complete,

      by universalservices234 ·

      In reply to And the award for the Internet Best Browser goes to??

      I have try more than 10 browsers(not local top browsers) in life, but i am a daily user of Chorme due to its Extensions work with google is always easy. and Also on the other hand i tries Mozilla and i experience some fast work with mozila because it have not so much useful extension and generally i use 2 or 3 extension for my work and it is fast because it have not much load as chorme have on which i uses more than 6-7 extensions, In short both are useful and good as compare to others but last months i uses one more browser brave which i have downloaded from online search, the good thing is that it is same as chrome and and one more thing i like is builtin Ad blocker with Privacy and Track and cookies blocker you will like this if you know how to use it. as i think no.1 should be Brave and Chrome Both and Mozilla on 2nd priority
      i m sharing here links
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