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...and yet we worry about online security.

By Oz_Media ·
Today, Iron Maiden tickets went on sale. Having early access I secured a group of GA floor tickets (no seats, phew!).

So I decided to check old Craigslist and see what others were selling for, had 4 extra's so why not sell off a few?

There are several ads for tickets already, which go on public sale tomorrow. Prices vary, but they will start around $250 a ticket.

The catch is all floor tickets are paperless. This means the purchaser must enter with everyone in the group and show a credit card instead of a ticket, so anyone buying one has to meet you at the venue and go in with you.

This undertandably creates a lot of insecurity when buying a paperless ticket from someone off of Craigslist. So I noticed one ad and the guy is offering security in the following form:
"I will let you meet me at my home, and provide my drivers license photocopy, social insurance and a copy of my credit card.

In a recent security discussion regarding browser vulnerablity, I commented that people focus on online security but such information is so easily available elsewhere, by people just being careless with personal we see demonstrated above.

We worry about online security and then overlook such silly things as offering a photocopy of DL, Social Insurance Number (social securiy card) and credit card!!!

What a maroon!

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the world is full of them, Oz

by jck In reply to ...and yet we worry about ...

including the ones who consider the CD-ROM a coffee cup holder that won't stay open. :^0

Or better yet, users who post-it note their username and password...on their desk by their keyboard.

Talk about naive.

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Sheer brilliance

by Oz_Media In reply to the world is full of them ...

I actually cancelled my internet connection for a few months, a while back, becaus ethe wifi signal I was getting was fast enough to download at nearly 1MB second. GREAT for P2P and got my, ridiculously high, monthly bill up to date!

And yet these people that offer such info. with a visit to their homes, will be online boasting about their security and unbreakable passwords. Takes all kinds.

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by jck In reply to Sheer brilliance

I have 2 broadband connections in my house, and I have 2 neighbors with open wireless access.

Mine ever go down, I can just switch

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I actually told Shaw that one day

by Oz_Media In reply to lol

I was on with tech support to find out if there were line issues or if my problem was in my own network.

As he's fumbling around, asking me to do an msconfig and see if I had an IP address (yawn), I tolf him "Don't worry I got it now." He said, "did you get a Shaw IP address?" I said "No, but I got my neighbour's Telus connection just fine, I'll try your network in a day or so and see if you've fixed your issues."

He stammered and sturred then finally said, "Great, is there anything else I can do for you today?"

I just said, "No, but thanks for all your help, have a great afternoon."

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by jck In reply to I actually told Shaw that ...

I ran into that with AT&T a while back on their DSL.

Tech: Now if you'd try cycling your modem...

Me: I have done that 3 times already before I called. I still get intermittent disconnections from your network. It's something with my modem, if your line is testing fine.

Tech: Well, we need to cycle the modem so I can signal test the line properly.

Me: Your technical department did it twice last night, and said it was fine. I would hope that was in the notes. It appears to be your modem. Can I just order a new one.

Tech: Before we do that, I would like you to cycle the modem...

Me: I will call sales. Thank you.

I hung up. I tell them what I have done, that I am a computer professional, yet they ignore me and act as though they don't get paid unless they go step by step through a script.


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I don't know why I pay

by GSG In reply to I actually told Shaw that ...

I had to reconfigure my router this weekend because I misplaced the password to the router and needed to re-configure it. So as soon as I hit the factory reset button, I find the password. While I was setting it up, and getting my new device configured, I let the new device scan for networks. I found 7 networks. Mine and one other that was encrypted and 5 others with the default Linksys name. I don't know why I'm paying for internet when I have my choice of all the "free" ones out there.

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I'm debating going to that concert

by Slayer_ In reply to ...and yet we worry about ...

I heard that this time its going to be all their new stuff. Last time I listened to their new stuff, it wasn't metal anymore. Maiden was here last year singing their stuff from the 80's, damn that was good.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I'm debating going to tha ...

They are a prog metal band, and proud to admit it. The fact is, if they toured behind oldies all the time, people would say they were cashing in on a back catalogue. If they play new material, people complain they didn't play all the oldies.

A fan is a fan, end of story. If you follow the band, stay current and like what they do, you are never let down. The Somewhere Back In Time tour was purposely done so old fans had a flashback and new one's could get a taste of the older shows.

Iron Maiden is current, they constantly write and release new music. Although this album is not being produced my, who I feel, is one of their more questionable producers, it will still be typical, progressive Maiden, melodic, orchestrated and well writteb.

Unfortunately no samples have been leaked to me yet and the album is not released until the second leg of their tour this fall, so I suspect it will be a mix of both old and new (it will need to be as nobody knows the new material yet). Judas Priest did that with Nostradamus, they offered a bit of it their first time around and then toured North America again when it was released to include more new material.

Long story short, Maiden is Maiden and, with the exception of the Blaze Bayley years (Oh god that was horrible), they always will be.

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set list update

by Oz_Media In reply to Yeah

"We're still working on the set list for these summer shows, but this time it will cover the whole history of the band, and I can hint that we will be playing a taster from the new album. We already have the designs for the new Final Frontier stage show which we are building to bring out with us, so this summer tour will be a bit of a preview for the fans. It's certainly looking very spectacular at this stage and with a brand new Eddie and an amazing light show!"

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'a copy of my credit card'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to ...and yet we worry about ...

How is he going to make a copy of his credit card? Will a photocopied image of the card work for admission? I thought admission was based on an attendant / usher using a reader to match the card's magnetic strip to the sales database. I believe that's how the recent Miley Cyrus concert here worked.

And how does a potential sucker, er, customer know that card is legit? How many times will the 'owner' sell this same set of tickets?

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