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Android Online Training-Comprehensive Training on Android development

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We offer Android Online Training on weekdays and on weekends.Pl find below the Course Contents.You can contact us at
The Android Computing Platform
History of Android
The Dalvik VM
Comparing Android and Java ME
The Android Software Stack
Developing an End-User Application with the Android SDK
The Android Emulator
The Android UI
The Android Foundational Components
Advanced UI Concepts
Android Service Components
Android Media and Telephony Components
Android Java Packages
Taking Advantage of Android Source Code
Getting Started

Setting Up Your Environment
Downloading JDK 6 and Eclipse 3.4
Downloading the Android SDK
Installing Android Development Tools (ADT)
Fundamental Components
Content Provider
Hello World!
Structure of an Android Application
Analyzing the Notepad Application
Loading and Running the Notepad Application
Examining the Application Lifecycle
Debugging Application

Resources, Content Providers, and Intents

String Resources
Layout Resources
Resource-Reference Syntax
Defining Your Own Resource IDs for Later Use
Compiled and Noncompiled Android Resources
Enumerating Key Android Resources
Working with Arbitrary XML Resource Files
Working with Raw Resources
Working with Assets
Reviewing the Resources Directory Structure
Understanding Content Providers
Exploring Android???s Built-in Providers
Architecture of Content Providers
Implementing Content Providers
Understanding Intents
Available Intents in Android.
Intents and Data URIs.
Generic Actions
Using Extra Information
Using Components to Directly Invoke an Activity
Best Practice for Component Designers
Understanding Intent Categories
The Rules for Resolving Intents to Their Components
Exercising the ACTION_PICK.
Exercising the GET_CONTENT Action.
Building User Interfaces and Using Controls

UI Development in Android.
Understanding Android???s Common Controls.
Text Controls.
Button Controls.
List Controls
Grid Controls
Date and Time Controls
Other Interesting Controls in Android
The MapView Control
The Gallery Control .
Understanding Layout Managers
The LinearLayout Layout Manager
The TableLayout Layout Manager.
The RelativeLayout Layout Manager.
The AbsoluteLayout Layout Manager.
The FrameLayout Layout Manager.
Customizing Layout for Various Screen Configurations.
Understanding Adapters.
Getting to Know SimpleCursorAdapter.
Getting to Know ArrayAdapter.
Creating Custom Adapters.
Debugging and Optimizing Layouts with the Hierarchy Viewer.
Menus and Dialogs
Understanding Android Menus

Creating a Menu
Responding to Menu Items
Creating a Test Harness for Testing Menus
Working with Other Menu Types
Expanded Menus
Working with Icon Menus
Working with Submenus
Provisioning for System Menus
Working with Context Menus
Working with Alternative Menus.
Working with Menus in Response to Changing Data.
Loading Menus Through XML Files
Structure of an XML Menu Resource File
Inflating XML Menu Resource Files
Responding to XML-Based Menu Items
A Brief Introduction to Additional XML Menu Tags.
Using Dialogs in Android
Designing an Alert Dialog.
Designing a Prompt Dialog.
Nature of Dialogs in Android
Rearchitecting the Prompt Dialog.
Working with Managed Dialogs.
Understanding the Managed-Dialog Protocol.
Recasting the Nonmanaged Dialog as a Managed Dialog .
Simplifying the Managed-Dialog Protocol.
2D Animation

Frame-by-Frame Animation.
Planning for Frame-by-Frame Animation .
Creating the Activity.
Adding Animation to the Activity.
Layout Animation.
Basic Tweening Animation Types.
Planning the Layout-Animation Test Harness
Creating the Activity and the ListView.
Animating the ListView.
Using Interpolators.
View Animation .
Understanding View Animation.
Adding Animation.
Using Camera to Provide Depth Perception in 2D .
Exploring the AnimationListener Class.
Some Notes on Transformation Matrices .
Security and Location-Based Services

Understanding the Android Security Model
Overview of Security Concepts
Signing Applications for Deployment
Performing Runtime Security Checks
Understanding Security at the Process Boundary
Declaring and Using Permissions
Understanding and Using Custom Permissions
Working with Location-Based Services
Understanding the Mapping Package
Understanding the Location Package
Building and Consuming Services

Consuming HTTP Services
Using the HttpClient for HTTP GET Requests
Using the HttpClient for HTTP POST Requests
Dealing with Exceptions
Addressing Multithreading Issues
Doing Interprocess Communication
Creating a Simple Service
Understanding Services in Android
Understanding Local Services
Understanding AIDL Services
Defining a Service Interface in AIDL
Implementing an AIDL Interface
Calling the Service from a Client Application
Passing Complex Types to Services
Media Framework and Telephony APIs

Using the Media APIs
Understanding the setDataSource Method
Playing Video Content.
Understanding the MediaPlayer Oddities
Exploring Audio Recording
Using the Telephony APIs
Working with SMS
Working with the Telephony Manager
Managing and Organizing Preferences

Exploring the Preferences Framework
Understanding CheckBoxPreference.
Understanding EditTextPreference.
Understanding RingtonePreference.
Organizing Preferences . : categories and screens
Starting with Android media

Installing the ADT Plug-in for Android 1.5 Development
Getting Started with Android 1.5
Creating an Android Virtual Device
Exploring Improvements to the Media Framework .
Using the MediaRecorder Class for Video Capture
Exploring the MediaStore Class.
Scanning the Media Store for Media Content.
Exploring Voice Recognition .
Introducing the Input-Method Framework.


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