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By hpprkm ·
For the second time in two days I have come up against the word 'android', with a new netbook and now looking at the Samsung Galaxy phone, I used to be so up on Techno stuff, but it has gained so much momentum of late, this poor 'oldie' getting left behind, could someone please explain what it is (I have taken a brief look and it seems to be quite useful), what if anything it replaces, or overides on my netbook or phone. I have no wish to add even more apps to netbook and phone than I need (there is a plethora available), just looking to know if i need it and what advantages I would gain from it.

Thanks so much (in the hope that someone can help).

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Android is the phone operating system.

by seanferd In reply to Android Technology

You can't add it as an app, so no worries.

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What about my netbook which has two o/ss

by hpprkm In reply to Android Technology

Thanks for your reply, I can see that makes sense, but with the netbook I understand it has two operating systems and that I have chances to save some things to either system, that does have me confused - could you briefly explain how that works and how to use it please?

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Android on Acer Aspire Netbook

by hpprkm In reply to Android Technology

In case any one is interested, I have found the answer to my question, or rather my son in law did, details of this can be found at the following web site:

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