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Android Video Calling software especially given all the media hype surrounding the new Android Phone. Startele Logic already tweet my displeasure that the new Android Phone doesn't support Flash and also tweeted my annoyance that didn't put a front-facing camera for video chat support.Thus, while the Android Phone supports a native StarTele Logic app, it only supports VoIP and video chat and video chat anytime soon either. As StarTele Logic Journal remarked, "Android Phone programmers can use the webcam to store video to a file, and able to write apps that manipulate or route the stream. This means StarTele Logic for Android Phone be able to add video calling any time soon." StarTele Logic has a method that "should" enable StarTele Logic video chat on the Google Android mobile phone.
StarTele Logic want to make free calls from my Google Android mobile phone, from anywhere in the world to anyone, anywhere. It???s basically using your connection to the internet as the medium for your voice call, rather than a regular phone line, which, of course, your network provider would usually charge you for. For example, if your phone is registered in the UK, you???re traveling in the US with a friend or colleague and you want to call them while you???re there, but with a VoIP call it could cost you a tiny fraction of that, or even nothing. The benefits of VoIP for mobile phones are clear.

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