Angry XP Pro won't boot normal, safe mode, last known good configuration

By jjsmith_88 ·
My computer has been running really slow and I was in the process of removing files before I would reformat the hard drive. Now before I could remove all my files I had to reboot several times because of freezing. Now my computer starts up and gets to windows logo screen then blue screen and then reboots. It then goes to the options screen with three different safe mode options, last known good configuration, start windows normally. I have tried all of these options and it just ends up rebooting and going to the options screen. I have even tried the advance options mode F8 and all end up with the same result. I have tried booting from the CD but it doesn't recognize it and just ignores the CD and reboots to the same scenario.

What should I do now?

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Re: XP Pro won't boot.

You have two choices,
1) Re-install the master boot record (of which you are missing)
2) Get another harddrive and make it "master" please read instructions under harddrive for this, make your other hdd (that is not booting up properly) as "slave". Make sure (in the bios) that your cd/dvd drive is marked as "first boot" option. Re-install Windows and then copy your files from your other drive. I hope all works out for you. Please post back if you have more problems.

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here how to fix that

by d3m3rald In reply to Angry XP Pro won't boot ...

first go get a live linux cd. knopix is a good one.
boot off the linux cd. once you are on back up all important files to a usb flash drive . then
reformat the harddrive and redoo the whole install. by the way its microsoft"s fault windows is very unstable this is true expesialy on newer hardware like sata hardrives windows doesnot like the.

hope i helped

...signed 3M3RALD

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Is that an Angry XP Pro, or you are angry at it??? :^0

by w2ktechman In reply to Angry XP Pro won't boot ...

cause if it is angry, then you really did something bad to it :^0 :^0

All kidding aside. Both previous answers are good ones. Personally I would slave the drive (actually, put it in a USB caddy), but I have several lying around to do that with. I do not know about your situation. If you have or can obtain a new HDD, then I would suggest unplugging the old drive or putting it in a USB caddy. Rebuilding the system on a new HDD and then adding the old HDD to the mix (either by USB or slave drive).
If those are not options, then the Live Linux disk is an excellent choice. Many distros have Live disk options (do not install on a HDD), or a partial Live Distro (will oot from CD, and have an option after it loads to install to the HDD).

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