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Anit-malwares not removing spyware/malware

By alejack ·
For roughly three weeks I have had a malware program on my laptop pushing out a trogon called fake.alert 2. I have read by means of Tech Republic on the purpose of this malware program to push users to purchase anti-spyware software.

The first I noticed this malware was on my system was numerous adware notices popping up on the system stating that my system was infected with multiple trogons and I needed to attain anti-spyware program to fix it. I had McAfee anti-virus scan my system and it detected some 6 trogons along with a number of cookie type tracking spywares installed. McAfee cleaned them off however the following day they were back. I checked a number of the CNET and ZDNET websites regarding a tool that would remove the malware. Most every source suggested PC Tools Anti-Spyware 2010 or version 3.2. I took out a one year subscription with PC Tools for the Spyware software. The program continuously monitors the system an everyday it detects the Trogon Fake.Alert 2 with at least two infections and a number of tracking cookies in the cookie jar as I call the cookie location. The anti-spyware removes the trogon generated but considers the cookies low priority and will only remove them on a full scan of all files. Therefore the malware is still on my system and is generating more trogons everyday at random times. Since PC Tool Anti-Spyware is not removing the trogon generating program how can I get rid of this program that is generating the trogons and tracking cookies?

I found on the Internet a listing of the binaries and dll's associated with the fake.alert 2 trogon. However, not of these appear to be on my system. I am using Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit operating system on a Sony Core 2 Dual laptop with 4 GB RAM. What Can I use to permanently remove this malware program?

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by Kenone In reply to Anit-malwares not removin ...

Download - update - run
They are trojans btw, took me a bit to figure out what a trogon was.

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by ---TK--- In reply to malwarebytes

I would probably install, update, and run a full scan in "Safe mode", reboot into safe mode again and run a full scan... do this at least 3-4 times. once its clean, run a virus scan in safe mode as well... sometimes Trojans have viruses behind them and vise verse, so it takes a cocktail to remove it all... Once you get a clean bill of health from the virus scanner and malwarebytes, I would run "ccleaner", to help clean up the damage done, and run a check disk on c to repair any corrupt system files the pests damaged...

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Added - Added

by Kenone In reply to Added....

Turn off system restore and then proceed as above

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Good call...

by ---TK--- In reply to Added - Added

I forgot about that one... :)

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Learning about these infections and how to deal effectively with them.

by alejack In reply to Anit-malwares not removin ...

Thanks to all viewers who replied. I will have to try your suggestions. I rarely venture into website that have these infections. However, being careful is not enough, so I have learned.

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You're hosed, or maybe not

by GSG In reply to Anit-malwares not removin ...

First, if you post this in questions, you'll probably get better answers than mine.

OK, down to business. A lot of the trojans and malware block the popular AV programs from deleting them. There are specific utilities that you can run that will fix that issue. Try going to Symantec's website, and searching on the trojan name. Run the utility, then update your AV definitions and run them again.

You may be so far gone, that your best bet would be to wipe your drive completely, and reinstall. If you choose to go this route, before you reload your AV software, make sure you have Microsoft Security Essentials on there, and let it run. I know it's a shock, but I've actually had good luck with MSE (weird since it's a Microsoft AV product). It's free, and as long as you're on a legal OS, it'll update frequently and catch the stuff as long as you configure it properly. I was able to use it to eventually identify the website where I got a virus.

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If those methods don't work, try this..

by reviewsgirl In reply to Anit-malwares not removin ...

First off, if I had to guess you have the <a href="" target="_blank" >open cloud virus</a> b/c it has been everywhere lately. Safe Mode with Networking then install virus removal software. Malwarebytes works and is free but they will ask for your email and spam you to death. Spyware doctor with AV works but not free.

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