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annoying ballonon stating the hard disk drive is out of space

By ?b3?d?d3 ·
My balloons keep coming up and i know that that hard drive is full and i dont even use it for anything but my system recovery. id like to find a way to eliminate these annoying balloons. Is there a way to do this, b/c i havent found any registry tweaks etc anywhere that tells me how to make a .reg file or to even modify a file in the registry. I know in the Windows registry my registry is supposed to have the D-WORD registry file EnableBalloonTips.reg but i cant find it anywhere. Im assuming that either Microsoft didnt install the registry file or what happened to it if i ever had it.

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System Info????

by dawgit In reply to annoying ballonon stating ...

would help.
In a Windows, (WinXP, Win2k?) go to your start>Programs>(All Programs>)Administrative Tools>Services. You really don't want to do that. There are too many interdependices in any of those operations that affect other events as well.
You do know what happens in a Windows enviroment when your disk is seen by the OS as "Full"??? Can you say "Bye-bye Data". Ok it is recoverable, but a pain in the Ar$$. If, & when, the sys says the disk is "Full" you really need to move to another disk. (As in you should do that, NOW) -d

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You probably shouldn't disable the balloon warnings

by TonytheTiger In reply to annoying ballonon stating ...

and I understand where you're coming from (if I bought a hard drive of xxx, why can't I use xxx?)

Windows warns you when the free diskspace on a local hard drive reaches 10%. There's a registry setting you can create to change this default. Under:

create a DWORD value named "DiskSpaceThreshold"

and set its value to the percentage of free space (0-99) where you want the warning. 10 is the default.

I would recommend setting it for a percentage greater than or equal to twice your installed ram compared to your smallest hard drive. So if you have one gig of ram and your smallest hard drive was 40 gig, that would be 2/40 or 5%. The bigger your smallest drive is, the lower your percentage can be.

Also note that maintaining a low percentage of free space willl increase defrag times dramatically.

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point on your point...

by dawgit In reply to You probably shouldn't di ...

Correct about the defrag time, and let me add that at 15% free space, Windows does not like to defrag at all. 10% Free space is the limit of the OS capabilities, and going any lower is asking for problems. (Like when your hard drive sudenly 'goes to FAT', thanks to Windows, and your Data is toast. (not burned toast, but toast just the same.)

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but this is the system recovery partition thats being

by ?b3?d?d3 In reply to point on your point...

a pain in the royal a$$. what i'd like to do is get rid of everything on the partition but still waiting for HP to send me those operating system discs so i can do a system recovery.

any other suggestions as to instead of waiting for hp to send me the discs can I in someway make my own system recovery discs? would i need the operating system discs to do the full system recovery?

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