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Annoying ISDN Problem...

By bonowski ·
Ok, if anyone can help me out with this, I?d greatly appreciate it. I?m not too ISDN savvy.

Quick note, I started working here after the problem. So I?m not entirely sure of the origin. I just know it was before November.

The ISDN lines are used strictly for video conferencing. The ISDN boxes have no connectivity (all lights are red). When you dial the number of the ISDN line, you get a busy signal. Also, there is no dial tone for the ISDN line. I traced back where the ISDN ports are on the panel in the server room. I plugged a FLUKE 620 tester into the panel (the panel that connects directly to the ISDN circuit board) and got the error ?OPEN WIRES?. Interesting? Also, I directly plugged the ISDN box to the same panel, but again, no connectivity.

Verizon has been before to check it. They plugged directly into the ISDN port and got a dial tone for one of the numbers. I don?t know if I?m very confident on that, though. They kept running around the issue saying there was work being done in the area, or we weren?t in their database?so I?m not sold on their update.

So, that is my problem. Anyone have any steps to take or any info? Reply, Email, come in to fix it, anything.

Thanks in advance!

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