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Annoying slowdown question

By SteveGoss ·
I was out of the office for about 5 weeks and returned to find my XP box slow to access the network drive(s). My desktop folder is stored there so I can log into different workstations. It can take up to 8-12 seconds to even get a folder to open on a network drive. Launching a network-based software pkg is the same and any file access has a similar delay to get started.

Any ideas?

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by gowsan_eeegct In reply to Annoying slowdown questio ...


I don't know about the network-based access...

But i,a home-PC user had the same slowdown when i logged into XP after hibernating it for 3 weeks or so,taking 2-3 minutes for the desktop to appear...however,after that i never had such problems...

I think putting them into such states for a long period may cause some delay to bring them back to normal condition..

That's all i know...i know i didn't talk much on your topic...Anyway good luck!

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