Annoying Symantec behavior

By Colonel Debugger ·
I hope someone can help me out with this because trying to get a tech support answer from Symantec without paying for it is an exercise in futility...

I manage 50 public access computers for a library system. They are equipped with Symantec Antivirus Coprporate version 10. We also use drive protection software to protect the machines, so I'm not so much concerned with keeping the virus definitions absolutely current--I usually do it monthly during patch week.

The problem is that Symantec AV pops up a warning when the definitions are 30 days old which requires an acknowledgement and this confuses our library patrons. And because of the drive protection software, it appears on every boot up until I do the updates. I'm trying to find a method for stopping these warnings--we don't need them--but they are maddeningly persistent. I have tried disabling automatic updates in the configuration as well as disabling the Symantec antivirus definition watcher in Windows services, but both to no avail.

Any ideas on how to prevent this message from coming up?

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Try this

by retro77 In reply to Annoying Symantec behavio ...

Go into your Symantec System Center, then right click on your server and go to the AV part, then Client Administrator Only Options. There is an option there to change that interval or totally disable it.

I am assuming all of your clients are managed clients. On our setup, I turned on the continuos updating and they check every hour. This helps minimize risk if something new gets unleashed.

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