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    Anonymous FTP


    by ratherbfishing ·

    I inherited a system with Anonymous FTP setup. (Its LINUX but no one in the LINUX crowd has answered this). Since all uploads are denied, how do I setup a user who can upload files to the Anonymous FTP Pub directory? I do not want a public “incoming” area, I just want to put the files up there for public download.

    I have tried putting the “upload” keyword in the ftpaccess file, but have not yet got the results I am looking for.

    For the time being I have got around the problem by taking “root” out of the ftpuser file, and using the root login in ftp. But I really do not want to leave it this way.


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      Anonymous FTP

      by pvp ·

      In reply to Anonymous FTP

      Mindset reset?

      If a particular user is allowed to upload, but not users (guests) in general, then uploads are not “anonymous” ftp!

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