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(Another) 60 Miles to Change Lives

By Tig2 ·
Well, I'm at it again. I am walking another 60 miles in the Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3 Day. Officially training begins tomorrow for the next 24 weeks. Unofficially, the first sponsored training walk was yesterday.

I have recruited a couple of friends- one who has committed to walk, his wife committed to crew. So I am working with them through their first walks to make sure that they are pacing themselves properly and have the right gear.

Speaking of gear, my fiance and I have to go through ours and figure out what we need to repair/replace. So much for Monday night!

For those of you who were with me for the walk last year (in spirit), you know that the preparation for this 60 mile endurance walk will require between 500 and 600 training miles. If you want to join the "virtual" walk, send me a peer mail and I will add you to my training newsletter.

This year's fundraising has begun well and I am committed to raising $5000 again. I am required to raise $2200 but have been using the $5000 figure as a point of inspiration and hope. It represents the National average of the cost of a single chemotherapy treatment for a single individual.

The pink ribbon stands again as a reminder to BOTH men and women to perform regular self exams and for both men and women to have an annual mammogram. Yes, breast cancer is an equal opportunity killer.

This year, some 200,000 women will be diagnosed in some stage. This year, some 2,000 men will be diagnosed- often much later than a woman because the numbers are so low and many men don't believe that they are also susceptible.

This year, some 40,000 women will lose the battle with breast cancer. They will be joined by some 450 men.

These are more than numbers. They are faces of people you know. My face is among them.

The next six months will be quite a ride. Lace up a good pair of walking shoes, get a pair of dry-wicking socks, and join me on the event of a life-time. In 60 miles, we really can change lives and bring HOPE.

To a cure!

Edited because I can. And to correct a typo...

Edited again- the blog location is

I will be adding to it regularly!

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I'm rooot'n for you...

by dawgit In reply to (Another) 60 Miles to Cha ...

even if I can't be there, (and couldn't do that anyway) I'll send my spirit to give you fair winds on your way. -d

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Thanks, Dawgit

by Tig2 In reply to I'm rooot'n for you...

I get to carry the spirit of every person who changed their avatar for the walk last year. I screen shot and NeverBusted screen shot everyone we could find with a pink ribbon- many of them still around. I transferred the printout to white ribbons that will travel through the next 60 miles with me.

You guys are all so great! It is good to know that you have my back!

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You are the one dear

by Michael Jay In reply to (Another) 60 Miles to Cha ...

You impress me with your work in this endeavor and I know that it is a very personal thing.

God bless you Tig.

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Thanks, Michael

by Tig2 In reply to You are the one dear

I honestly don't know that I do all that much. I walk. I want to see a cure in my lifetime. I want to be an old and gray survivor.

I want to see the day when we walk for this cause for the last time because there is no longer a need.

It is the supporters that keep us going. Last year, when I thought I couldn't walk another step, I would turn a corner into a neighbourhood that knew we were coming and had decorated. I would get to a hill I didn't think I could climb and see a woman in a gold minivan driving and honking and waving a pink boa out the window. Someone would be standing just off the path with spray bottles of water and packets of ice. Hands would reach out of nowhere to pat us on the back and say, "Thank you".

It is the supporters that make it do-able. We just walk. You all INSPIRE.

Edit- yet another typo.

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Hey TT, always remember the Little Red Engine that Could

by Deadly Ernest In reply to (Another) 60 Miles to Cha ...

and do what you can. Whether you make the 60 miles or just manage 59, it matters not the distance, what matters is you did your best on the day.

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Hey TT, I hope I'm not too early, but I've adjusted my Avatar

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Hey TT, always remember t ...

I'm not sure if the small transparency will travel well, but can make it available if any one else wants to add it to their Avatars.

edited to add the following

The background is fully transparent, I copied it onto my avatar jpg no trouble.

You can find this ribbon at

select Downloads in the left hand menu,
then chose the ribbon from the two (small or large - I used the small) at the bottom of the list in the main screen.

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ooh! ooh! ooh! me, please, DE!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hey TT, I hope I'm not to ...

May have to fiddle to find an appropriate avatar, but that's a BRILL idea!

"Training ribbons"

absolutely brilliant, Ernesto! Have a <hug> from me!

This way we can support Tigs' training, and go for pink ribbon only avatars on the walk weekend, and turn the hot100 pink again!

(Hey, it's Monday - how come your brain is already in gear?!)



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Actually, I thought of adding a ribbon to my avatar

by Deadly Ernest In reply to ooh! ooh! ooh! me, pleas ...

while at church yesterday. Today I spent time making the rest of the square I used last year totally transparent, shrink it a bit, and copying it onto my normal avatar, so it looks like I'm wearing a pink ribbon. I did want to make it 50% transparent and put it over the Avatar - but I haven't worked out hot to do that in Gimp yet. In the end, I think this looks better, looks like I'm wearing an actual ribbon when the photo was taken.

You can find it at

select Downloads in the left hand menu,
then chose the ribbon from the two (small or large - I used the small) at the bottom of the list in the main screen.

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Great idea

by rob mekel In reply to Actually, I thought of ad ...

Tnx DE


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I was wondering if I could do that also

by DanLM In reply to Actually, I thought of ad ...

Add the ribon to my avitar? Let me know how that goes Deadly Ernest.

Tony, I'm always behind you on this.


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