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Another Annoyance

By dogknees ·
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What is it with the way a lot of the bloggers here are posting an article, and then a comment asking if you read it or were interested. Are they just inflating the response counts to move their posts up the list? What????

Posting this, I notice there is no tag in the list for "This Site". Surely a popular choice.

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I like that better...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Another Annoyance

than when the only sign of the blog on the discussion pages is the load of spammers who "reply".

Actually, it's a good idea for the blogger to tack the blog onto the boards, it may seem a bit forced once, maybe, and likely the bloggers feel so too... but it's actually a service to all the people who follow the boards.

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A couple of reasons.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Another Annoyance

If you look at the Discussions page, you can see the name of the first poster. If the author is the first to respond to his / her own article, his name will appear beneath the Discussion subject. This lets those who view the Discussion page tell if a discussion was spawned by an article from one of their preferred bloggers, or if it was created from scratch. It also allows the blogger to ensure his post will be visible in Discussions quickly, instead of waiting for someone else to comment. Like Ansu, I prefer it when authors do it.

As to no tag for "This Site", there used to be one for 'Feedback'. I checked just now, and apparently it didn't survive the transition to the 'New World Order'.

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I've also seen a funny glitch where....

by Slayer_ In reply to A couple of reasons.

The blog appears in the discussions, but because it has no comments, when you click it in the discussion, you get a 404 page. You have to go to the blogs page, and locate it, then start a discussion.

And finally, its handy, especially for new users that are not used to the funky navigation here, as frequently the authors put a link to the blog in their comment.

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That's what happens...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I've also seen a funny gl ...

when the spammer gets there first.
Then the spam gets deleted, but the topic ghosts in the discussions list for a while, leading to a 404 when clicked.

It really really is better that the blogger posts first.

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Still Looks Stupid

by dogknees In reply to A couple of reasons.

You get the blog, then a post from the author asking you if you read it. Looks like manipulating the results to me.

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by santeewelding In reply to Still Looks Stupid

Of course. From, manu, as in handling. You are saying that there was ever anything else going on with the written word?

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Not really. Especially if you consider the "old site".

by seanferd In reply to Still Looks Stupid

It was a kindness when the author or editor or blog host started a Discussion, so no one else had to choose tags and junk. Particularly during times when the site was behaving all wonky. It also helped to avoid some idiot starting the Discussion and choosing wholly inappropriate tags.

Further, it is some indication that the author might actually participate in the Discussion.

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