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Another Cool Linux Tool

By LordInfidel ·
In my quest to make life easier administering linux. I came across a set of tools last night called WebMin (

What set's this suite apart is the ease of use.
You connect to it via a web browser, either over http or ssl (which must be configured in, obviously the latter is reccomended)

Now, you still have to know what you are doing once you are in. But they have modules for most of the standard linux servers out there; SSH, Bind, IPtables, PostFix, SendMail, IPSec(FreeS/wan). Even adsl and pptp connections.

One of the features I found cool was that you can install it without needing kde/gnome. Then you can connect remotely via a web browser (again I reccomend setting up a firewall to block incoming connections to the webmin srvr port or use ssh tunnel).

Once in, you can configure the various servers without the need of rummaging thru the file system and accidentaly deleting something. Which when acting remotely is always a concern.

Also you can upload and install rpm's thru the interface. Set up user accounts that can access webmin.

I just started playing with it, so I am not up to speed on all of the functionality. But if you remotely admin linux boxes, this is definitely a tool to look at.

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