Another Degree or Certifications?

By sw_a_o_89_ohlin ·
I have a quick question for anyone who might be knowledgeable on the subject. I'm currently in the process of finishing up my B.S. in biology. I will be a senior this year and by May I will have obtained it. I have been on the pre-vet med college path, but the more I think about it the more I think a career in something like network administration might hold more interest for me.

My school does not offer a computer science or IT-related degree, so my plan has always been to finish my current path up so I at least have a 4 year degree in something. So here's my question - after I graduate this year, would it be more beneficial for me to go on to more schooling and obtain an M.S. in Computer Science (or some other field?), or would it be better for me to start working on gaining some of the more prevalent certifications?

If anyone has any good advice, or if anyone has experienced a similar scenario, please let me know. Any information is appreciated! Thanks!

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Seek the advice of a professional career counsellor

by robo_dev In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

Perhaps your college has some sort of guidance office or career services staff?

The ideal scenario would be to somehow use both the biology knowledge with the interest in computers.... medical computing, medical imaging technology, healthcare management systems?

You need to sit down with a career counselor and try to figure out what sort of job role you are good at, determine what you think you want to do, and figure out how to get there. A lot of what you want to do depends, for example, on how well you work with people.

In the field of IT, there are some good jobs, but also an awful lot of really crappy and boring jobs. Before you dive into the world of IT, try to get an Internship at the sort of company or industry where you may want to work. An internship is a great way to find out what it's like in the real world.

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Bit difficult to join those two up

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

If you wanted to do development style stuff, and you picked a some one in the biology domain, then may be a goer. You might get there "with clever enough to get a degree" plus certs but they won't pay you for it and it would only put you in front of people with just certs.
My advice would be to stick ith your current career path, unless you aren't confident you can get the rest of it. Either way you are looking at another two years ish education are you not. Be a long time before it starts paying it's way in IT as well.

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Agree with Tony completely.

by tbmay In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

I don't advise kids to get into IT now. The jobs aren't there, and the ones that are are 80 hours per week. And the rate of change only increases. It doesn't decrease.

I'm in my mid 40's and I'm one of the oldest people you'll find walking around darn near any IT shop.

It's hard, when you're in your early 20's (I'm assuming here) to think where you want to be when you're my age, but the love of problem solving and technology will very likely take a back seat to reality when you realize you don't have time to get good at something before it's yesterday's news.

No job is perfect, but there are better careers for your health and "well roundedness."

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Reponse To Answer

by GMcFlyPCGuy In reply to Agree with Tony completel ...

I respectfully disagree. Information Technology is one of the five fastest growing professional fields. The IT field grew dramatically since 2008 (recession years). I left the Army and found an IT job in 2 days. Maybe the jobs won't be there in rural areas but if you live anywhere near a decent size metropolitan area, you can easily find opportunities. The only downfall you have is experience. I don't have any degrees or certifications, but I have five years of experience (thanks to the military). I wouldn't rain on this guy's parade only because of your hardships.

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Reponse To Answer

by tbmay In reply to Agree with Tony completel ...

Fair enough. No intention of raining on anyones parade. I'm simply trying to give him another perspective, aside from the party line.

I'm degreed and certified and I have MUCH more than 5 years in the field, so bear with me. Granted, my area is rural, with one big town an hour away.

You're priorities change with age, and it's nigh impossible to predict what the landscape will be even 5 years from now. Let alone 20. Are we still going to need people to set up, configure, and optimize servers? Are we going to need coders? Are we going to need desktop support?

I'll be we will need vets though.

Just think about it.

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people person?

by akeim1 In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

one question to ask yourself before hopping onto the IT wagon is 'am I a people person". if you are, IT is not for you. Ditto for operating under stress. if you don't perform well under stress, IT is not for you. and why network administration? there are a gazillion of those, yet there are a reported 30k IT SECURITY jobs in and around Washington DC. I would think that that area is one growing faster than others, as breaches become more and more high profile and profitable for the hackers.

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Reponse To Answer

by one9ooh6 In reply to people person?

So y do u feel that if you are a people person, the IT field isn't angod selection.

Also, the IT security jobs you have referenced in DC, do they require certifications.

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Go For It

by GMcFlyPCGuy In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

I would definitely go for it if that is what you want to do. You are young enough to make a career change. It would be silly if the career path you chose at 18 is the one you are stuck with until retirement. I wouldn't recommend going for your masters though. The IT world is built off of certifications which aren't that difficult to obtain. You can find most study material on the internet or buy a book from a bookstore. Good beginner certs to have are: A+, Network+, Security+, Cisco CCNA, any Microsoft servers or Active Directory certification, or even a helpdesk Certification (for a entry helpdesk position. Good Luck

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by simsnola In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

You should look up Bioinformatics, it is a way to use Biology and Computer Science together, if you took BioStat then you should look up Bioinformatics. If you want to do networking, find a school that has the masters program in it and apply, or you can do a Cisco certification. The University of New Orleans, which I attend for graduate school, has a great Bioinformatics, Digital Forensics, and Networking graduate programs.

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by kduplechain In reply to Another Degree or Certifi ...

The IT field is not what it use to be it has become a contract haven and a place of outsource to people you can barely understand you will never have benefits or paid time off stick with vet school kid trust me

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