Another fun one...

By Dumphrey ·
Since the last round of patches, I decided to run a new batch of performance counters on our email server. I used RDP to connect to the server, and set up my performance counter logs. So far so good. I then noticed that system monitor was "frozen". There was no activity at all. I removed and added counters, double checked nothing was stopped... No activity in system monitor. If I point system monitor counters at our mail server from another computer, I get activity, so the issue is with the Performance MMC on that machine. (Need to log in direct to see if RDP is an issue).
Anyone else ever have perfmon/system monitor lock up like that?

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No but then again I haven't upset anyone recently

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Another fun one...

Or killed a bunch of Chinamen either.

Could be something you have done recently coming back to haunt you.

It's called Karma.


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Heh! not sure what i would have done to anger

by Dumphrey In reply to No but then again I haven ...

the world, but I am scanning the server as we speak... Lord I hope its not infected.

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Aha, but you did

by The Scummy One In reply to Heh! not sure what i wou ...

you voted differently than you were supposed to :0

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by Dumphrey In reply to Aha, but you did

how does that work? And how does the world know how I voted?!?!
D@mn you flying monkeys!!!

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It was the spycam that gave you away :0

by The Scummy One In reply to ???

imbedded in your forehead :0 :0
Your voting results were sent directly from the cam to the website :0 :0 :0

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No, thats impossible

by Dumphrey In reply to It was the spycam that ga ...

since I wear a foil hat at all time, and keep the raw bacon flannel on my chest 24x7. I still think it was the monkeys... they are mad at me for taking away their computer. But in my defense, they were close to a finished copy of Hamlet and i preferred to not get sued (as I am their illegal guardian).

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OH that is where you went wrong

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No, thats impossible

The Tin Foil Hat is supposed to protect you from incoming transmissions not outgoing transmissions. When you are subject to an outgoing transmission the entire Tin Foil Had becomes the Antenna.

Bet you didn't know that you where helping those 12 monkeys by wearing the Tin Foil Hat did you.

Again sorry I can not help you with this one but it's not something that I've run into previously.


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