Another install ation is already in progress HELP

By bof2b ·
When trying to open a program I get the error message "Another install ation is already in progress"

I've rebooted after stopping the windows installer service, uninstalled the programme, rebooted then started the windows installer service. Tried to re-install and got a similar message to sat that I must complete the running installation first

Any help would be great

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Probably a flag in the registry or a marker file, somewhere

by TobiF In reply to Another install ation is ...

It seems that the program you're dealing with puts a flag somewhere in the file system or in the registry when the installation begins, and then changes this flag to status "installed" when installation has finished successfully.

This behavior is, of course, ineffective if the installation for any reason would fail without the installer resetting the flag.

So, <a href="">while being very careful</a> have a look in the registry (both under "local machine" and "current user") for entries with names referring to your software.
Make sure to export/back up anything you decide to delete.

An alternative solution could be to check if you have a suitable restore-point you can roll back to.

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by oldbaritone In reply to Another install ation is ...

How did you "uninstall the programme" while the windows installer service was stopped? If you only deleted the directory containing the program files, that's not an uninstall, and it can really make a mess. It leaves a lot of things hanging in the registry.

If you can determine which install is actually "in progress", try re-starting the install (or uninstall) of that same program. When you run the installer for the same program that's "in progress", MSI should detect that an error occurred and give you an option to recover, repair the installation, cancel the install or something else. Once MSI completes "normally", whether the software is installed or not, the "in progress" error should be resolved.

Alternatively, your system may need registry repair, but I'd suggest taking it to a professional if the re-install doesn't fix the problem. Changing the registry arbitrarily can kill your system completely. Unless you're willing to risk losing everything on your computer, don't do it. If you do, you may end up needing a complete wipe-and-clean-reinstall.

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