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By japazo88 ·
Here we go people...yet another case of lost disk space. Im running XP Pro on an IBM T43 college laptop. The problem is not, and I want to truly emphasize this, disk cleanup, defragmentation, or files Ive forgotten about on my drive. Ill start with a description of the problem.
The drive in question is a 60GB capacity with 55.8 actual. I recently reinstalled the motherboard and HDD and have encountered a lost disk space problem. Lets say I have 40GB free space and want to download a movie. I download the movie and see a decrease of say, 1GB. Disk capacity now: 39GB. Im done with the movie so I delete it from my HDD by highlighting and hitting 'delete'. Disk capacity now: 39GB. I set the drive up to delete the file without using the recycling bin and turned off system restore but to no avail.
I read that there could possibly be a problem with symantec ghost or perhaps a protected recycling bin? I know I have ghost but have never used it. The recycling bin Im not so sure about. I want to start by checking the ghost image and seeing if it is the problem. Contacting Symantec twice also brandished no result. I would really appreciate any help since the drive is down to about 15GB now and dropping with every update! Let me know what you think : D

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It sounds like

by w2ktechman In reply to Another "Losing disk spac ...

The files are not being removed from the recycle bin, or the system is not recognizing the removal properly. If you have a recycle bin manager (Norton has one), it may be in this program that it is using.
Also, it may be leaving extra temp files, so clean up the temps too.

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Start simple first

by zlitocook In reply to Another "Losing disk spac ...

As your computer boots up what dose the screen show? As a computer boots up it should show memory, bios type, hard drives and cd/dvd. If yours dose not show that reboot and use the key it tells you to to go in to setup. And check the hard drive size. If it reports a correct size then there is a problem with software, if it shows a smaller size you have a drive that is self healing it will reduce the size of the drive because of bad blocks.
Here is a new idea, back up your computer and save your settings. Then format your drive and reinstall.
I only say this because MS has had allot of problems with installed O/S and how long they were used.
Ok need to use a good anti virus, update it and run it.

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Disk Cleaner

by Kiltie In reply to Another "Losing disk spac ...

You could try this neat little program, it's small, fast and FREE.

I like the fact that you can not only select what parts to clean up, but it also displays what is using the space, how much space is used and the number of files involved.

As an example, I deselect cookies from the clean up, as many sites I use (such as this one - TR) require cookies to function correctly.

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by japazo88 In reply to Another "Losing disk spac ...

I dont believe my system has a protected bin(Symantec AV Corporate). It doesnt appear to be temp files since the amount of space retention is equal to the amount of space "deleted". Space before = space after. Thanks for the suggestion...Ill check on the bin.

There is no hardware problem...Ive checked the BIOS and such. Im hesitant to clean install since I have tons of stuff on the computer I dont want to risk losing. Im almost positive my problem is software related though...thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion, Ive tried using window-washer, cleanup!, and the standard windows programs...but the problem is far beyond duplicates and temp files Im afraid. Thanks for the reply though!

Does anyone know how to check the status of Symantec GHOST images and possibly delete them? Also, how do I check for a protected recycling bin if there is no option in a GUI to view(Im assuming I dont have one based on this fact)? Finally, are there any other suggestions on the source of my problem? This is killing me and I dont want to take it to IT and have them toast it again! I lost everything about a month ago and dont want to deal with that right now. Thanks again everyone, this is a great forum!

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A protected recycle bin

by w2ktechman In reply to Response

is a program that runs from a 3rd party application. There are several that I have run across over the years, but have not used any. They will take the place of the Windows recycle bin, so you may have to open the program to delete items, or right click on the Windows recycle bin and choose the correct option to view contents.
Other thoughts would be to have Windows Purge the page file on exit (google it, or look through local policies), turn off system restore (this erases all restore points, if you want to try a restore first do not perform this)and back on, resize page file, run SFC.exe /scannow, defragment the disk, and run chkdsk.
Let us know the results

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Hard drive showing less space than actual

by bharat546 In reply to Another "Losing disk spac ...

it's the IBM Rescue and Recovery program. This program has the dubious distinction of being about the only program I know of that makes a complete system state image backup ==> and then stores it in the same partititon.
The folder is RRbackup folder on root drive.

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