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another NT4 to windows 2000 migration Question

By mndthegap1 ·
okay so im working on my 2nd migration and here are my questions.
i have a NT4 domain with 1 NT4 pdc and 3 win2k member serverrs.
The client just bought a new machine with win2k server on it(not going to 2k3 cause they have alot of win98,me clients.)
so this is going to be a migration not an upgrade.
q1. Since im creating a fresh domain w/ the new 2k server can i name the server the same as the NT4 pdc(client wants server same name)
q2. Once i migrate the users,computers over to the new domain do i have to run dcpromo on the 2k member servers to bring them up to domain controllers like the new 2kserver.
q3. i have about 125 users should i make at least 1 other server a Global catalog server.
q4. they have an existing login script on the NT4. box, can i copy that into the sysvol folder on the new 2k server to execute the login script when people login in the morning along w/ group policies ?
q5. when migrating i have to create the trust between the 2 domains should i have it both trusting each domain so when i transfer the sid history all of it comes over ?
and finally q6. once migrated can the users still log on and access the old domain ?
i know this is alot of stuff but any help would really be appreciated
thanks in advance.

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by voldar In reply to another NT4 to windows 20 ...

Hmmm...have you ever done that? Creating a domain from scratch? It's just a question.
Here is my advice:
- because you are talking about 125 users, you can create a new domain from scratch in less than a day. In fact, I may say in less then 8 hours.
You only have to prepare yourself with all things needed - such as users file creation (use csvd command) to import users in AD, think about the role of the DC etc.
And now lets answer your questions:
1. You can setup the same domain (I advise you to do that - it's easier for setting the clients in the network - W9x users will be allready set this way) in the new computer - AD integrated - but take good care - two computers with the same name can't exist in the same network (my advice - do that in the week end, when you can switch off from the network the NT server)
2. No, you don't need to do that, unless you want to have fault tolerance (2 DC)
3. Once you create the primary DC (the new server), of course he is the Domain Global catalog owner
4. Check what kind of script it is (be prepaired to make modifications according to W2K demands)
5. No point to do that - you have one single domain if you use my advice

There are more things to discuss about, if you implement DHCP, WINS (a must because of your W9x clients) etc., but for now I hope you have a small picture about what you have to do. If you want more, I may think about charging you :)).

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by voldar In reply to

Just a question for Joseph Moore - how can two computers have the same name in the same network, and they being connected to the network in the same LAN? (if there are different sites, and they are connected, same question also - as far as I know)

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by Joseph Moore In reply to another NT4 to windows 20 ...

Here are my views on your questions.
1. You can do this, and it won't hurt anything. Sure, some browsing while both machines are online will be messed up, but nothing major. If both machines are called \\SERVER1, then if someone were to go to \\SERVER1\SHARE1 while both servers are online, then that UNC path called by the client would possibly fail. So, I suggest if you do that, don't have both servers online for a long time. A weekend, only.
2. No. Win2K servers can be members servers of a Win2K Active Directory domain. But, yes, you should set up a 2nd server as an additional Domain Controller in case of failure.
3. All your servers and clients are at the same physical location? Then no. You set up multiple global catalogue servers in different Sites; different offices in different cities, connected by ISDN or T1 or Frame Relay.
4. Yes, you can login scripts in Group Policy. You can set this in GP, or keep the setting in the user profile like you are used to. You can also set up login scripts based off Group Policy itself. SAy you set up an OU, put some users in there, then put a Policy on the OU, that runs its own custom login script. That script can run, in addition to the login script that the user accounts are also set to use. There are also Logoff scritps too!
5. Yes, this is how you normally have to do it. Take a look at this very long Technet article on migrating from NT to Win2K (and Win2K3):
6. No, after the migration, the users will be on the new domain. There is a way, using a migration tool called ADSIUTIL (I think that is the name of it; it's been a while since I have used it) that allowed you to migrate from NT to Win2k, and the NT accounts would expire 30 days after the migration. That way, you could easily migrate back if there was a problem. Again, check out the Technet article for details.

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by mndthegap1 In reply to

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by mndthegap1 In reply to another NT4 to windows 20 ...

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