Another one bites the dust

By .Martin. ·
yes it seems another one is down.

{Pause for singing}

this time it is my 19" Viewsonic screen. I have reason to believe that it is the back-light, but I shall see what you all think.

The screen was working when I turned of the computer at about 12:30 last night, when I went to turn it on about 7:30 it would only display a picture for about one or two seconds, then stopping. turning the screen off then on will do the same, my 22" Samsung on the other hand, still displays a picture.

recently the screen has been losing brightness, which also leads me to think it is the back-light.

have tested the screen on another computer, testing both the VGA and DVI ports, both with the same results.



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Go to ebay and order another power invertor board..

by cmatthews In reply to Another one bites the dus ...

.. most LCD's use lighting called CCFL
(cold cathode fluorescent lamps)

There are usually 2 or 4 lamps driven by 2 or 4 step-up transformers. It's normally the drive transistors that die on these.

Here's one for driving 2 CCFL's:

To test to see if the LCD part is still working, shine a light on the display from an angle to see if the LCD segments are showing image shadows. If you don't see this, then the problem is likely greater.

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