Another Question about ADprep

By jschmidt2003 ·
I am updating our domain from 2000 servers to 2003.
Here's our setup:
DC1 - Server 2000 SP4 (Hold's FSMO Roles)
DC2 - Server 2000 SP4
NewDC1 DC - Server 2003 Enterprise R2 x64
NewDC2 - Server 2003 Stnadard R2

DC1 crashed BSOD.
I promoted NewDC1 to a DC. I did not run ADprep before doing this and I received no errors. I used NewDC1 to seize the FSMO roles from the dead DC1.

I then tried to promote DC2 to a DC. I then received an error saying that the 2000 domain was not ready for 2003 domain controllers (even though I already have a 2003 domain controller).

I still need to run ADprep but here's the catch. KB 324392 describes a hotfix that you are to use to update adprep. I requested the hotfix from MS and they told me there is no 32 bit version of the hotfix. Should I run adprep on NewDC1 without the hotfix? Or should I transfer the FSMO roles to DC2 and run the hotfix and ADprep from DC2? Will running adprep have any negative results because I already have a 2003 DC? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Try disk 2

by bart777 In reply to Another Question about AD ...

On the second R2 disk in the cmpnents directory is another version of ADPREP. The adprep file in the I386 directory will not let you add R2 machines.

Try running that one on the oldest of the DC's and see if can get the schema to level 31.

You shouldn't need to move the roles but it might help. Also verify that all of the DNS links are working as they should be.

Keep us posted.

Bst of luck.

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RE: Try disk 2

by jschmidt2003 In reply to Try disk 2

Thanks for the reply. I had read to use the second disk and was planning to do that but it is an x64 app and the older DC is 32 bit. Do you think I could run it on the new x64 DC and still be ok? Or is there somewhere I could downoad the 32 bit version? Microsoft doesn't have a public download for it as far as I can tell.

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Should be fine

by bart777 In reply to RE: Try disk 2

I don't see any reason why the version of OS should matter. The Schema is the important thing.

Just remember to run that version of ADPREP on the older server/Role Holder and you'll be fine.

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RE: Try disk 2

by jschmidt2003 In reply to Try disk 2

How do you check the level of the schema?

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