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    Another Weird Outlook issue.


    by davids021 ·

    Hi everyone,

    I have an issue with Microsoft Outlook 2007. When this specific user tries to attach a file with a word/excel document open, Outlook reports that the service failed. When the user closes the word/excel document, they are able to attach the file then.

    The Word/Excel Document has nothing to do with the file that is needing to be attached nor are they the file that needs to be attached. This also happens when it is any Excel/Word document.

    My collegues and myself are stumped on what to do. A Repair did not fix this issue at all, and our Symantec Endpoint Protection is not blocking this from happening.

    This is the only user that this is occuring for.

    Any hints/tips that you think will help, please feel free to post them as I am out of ideas.


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      Some Questions

      by gimoe ·

      In reply to Another Weird Outlook issue.

      You stated this is the only ‘User’ that is having this problem. So, let me just ask some basic questions. You may have already thought of these, but if not, maybe they will help to give you some ideas:

      1. Does this issue ‘follow’ the user to other workstations? (this is more likely if you are using ‘Roaming Profiles’ but even if you are not, try having the user log on to a different workstation)

      2. Do other users have the issue on that workstation?

      I think you see where I am going with this. You need to narow the issue down to a problem on the workstation or a problem with the user profile/accoount.

      Let us know how it works out.

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        and while your doing that try this

        by jarrett_faulk ·

        In reply to Some Questions

        check the content.outlook file and see how bit it is. i’ve removed 200+ megs of files from this folder and had it solve similar issues. I’ve never came across this specific one.

        c:/documents and setting/%username%/local setting/temporary interent files/content.outlook

        you have to type this path in, you know super secret hidden folder.

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