ANSWER to Scheduler Password problem (XP Pro SP3)

By inet32 ·
Recently I posted a problem that the XP Pro Scheduler wouldn't let me schedule a task because I don't have a password on my (admin) account. And I was afraid to add one because then other apps I run in that account might suddenly break.

Someone suggested setting up a separate admin account with a password and specifying that account in the scheduler. That KINDA worked - the scheduled tasks start and run fine (I can see them in Task Manager) but they don't get a window! Since some of them are GUI apps that's unacceptable.

The solution was to force the Scheduler to accept blank passwords. Thusly:
In the Registry Editor:
Locate and expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
Double-click on the limitblankpassworduse and change the variable by assigning the value 0:

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Maybe it's just me - but I don't quite see the point ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ANSWER to Scheduler Pass ...

Of going to the bother of SCHEDULING a job to run on its own at a specified time, if you are going to comment thus: "they don't get a window! Since some of them are GUI apps that's unacceptable."

If they are scheduled to run automatically (presumably when no-one's around) why does it matter whether they are visible ??


Why would you set a scheduled task, if the target program cannot run unaided ??

That strikes me as rather odd.

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Here's the point

by inet32 In reply to Maybe it's just me - but ...

The program is a reminder/to-do app. Every morning at 8AM (or whenever) it pops up a set of reminders of stuff I have to do that day or upcoming tasks that need completion. I then mark them done or update their status.

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In that case, YOU are the cause of your own problem ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Here's the point

Because you are trying to tie the Windows Scheduler to a program that can't be opened due to your password problem.

What you need is a program that will open at the scheduled time WITHOUT using the Windows Scheduler.

If you can't 'remember' to check each day:

Personally, I just use 'Sticky Notes':

Sticky Notes doesn't employ a Scheduler and that's fine with me because the Sticky stays on my Desktop until I've dealt with it.

If you think about it, how much of your working day is the Desktop visible anyway? Usually when you boot-up and then when you are shutting-down, the rest of the time it is obscured by whichever window your application uses. Therefore I get constant reminders on boot-up, shut-down, and also whenever I close one program in order to open another.

Sometimes I've been known to range the Stickies on the right-hand side of my widescreen monitor and run my browser from within a slightly reduced width - that way the colour-coded Stickies are constantly in view.

If you need the reminder to reliably pop-up with minimum fuss - best to have a reminder with a scheduler that is built-in.

'Secure Reminder' will even remind you of things that you've missed because the reminder-time occurred while the computer was turned off! :)

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