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Answers to previous ? - didn't resolve

By Lyricster ·
Prevous question:
How can I turn on auto updates on laptop purchased from my company - I tried everything but nothing works.
I received answers advising: Start-Run- gpedit.msc then Local Computer Policy/computer configuration/administrative templates/windows components/windows update Make sure that these settings are not configured.

I thought this was the resolution and closed the question...This was not the resolution.

Does anyone have any other ideas please...?

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by lowlands In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...

I didn't see your previous question, so some questions for you

What OS are you using? Was this laptop previously a member of your companies domain?

On XP, try going into the Control Panel, doubleclick Automatic Updates, and make sure it is turned on. If your option are greyed out here, it is most likely that a GPO was once applied to disallow you to manage it yourself.

If that's the case, you'll probably have to go into the registry to make some changes. Let me know if that's the case and i'll see if i can dig up the keys

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by CG IT In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...

there is one other group policy setting that you should check.

start-run-gpedit.msc, local computer policy/user configuration/administrative templates/windows update/remove access to all windows update features

this policy needs to be not configured or disabled.

Are you using the same account you used at the company?

there is a tool you can use to reset all group policies to default level dcgpofix.exe which you can get from your install CD. Here's a link on how to do it.

After that, it could be a script in which case you'll have to look at startup scripts to see if there is one that effects Windows Update

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by Lyricster In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...


I think I need to know the registry keys please...

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by Lyricster In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...


The suggestion you made about the dcgpofix.exe tool loks a little too complicated. I don;t feel comfortable doing this. Can you provide some detialed instructions please.

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by zlitocook In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...

If you bought the computer did you buy your own copy of XP?
A computer bought from some one has too many things that you do not know about. You need to refomat and install your own copy of XP because you and the company could be fined allot of money.

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by saihib In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...

Try making the computer a member of a workgroup.

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by saihib In reply to

Also, find out from your company what the local admin password is.

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by Lyricster In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

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by Lyricster In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...

I have the local admin p/w and have access to whatever I need...just a little leary of going into the registry and lack the understanding to do the other option.

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by Lyricster In reply to Answers to previous ? - d ...

To all,

I was able to resolve this issue myself by going into the registry and changing the value for auto-update. (Per MS technet d/b)

Thanks to all who responded...!

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