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By dpetrosky1 ·
Are there any programs out there that will take the anti-copy off of music that is downloaded to my computer? Whether it is from a CD or downloaded from the internet? I have many songs d/l to my computer that I cannot burn to a CD.

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Pssst!! Keep this to yourself

by TechExec2 In reply to Anti-Copy

Keep this to yourself. You wouldn't want this to get around...

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by marketingtutor. In reply to Pssst!! Keep this to your ...

I love it...

Sadly, I clicked it too. But mostly cause I hate not having fair use of my M4Ps that I buy on iTunes. All the DRM removers no longer work with iTunes. That really irks me, but I keep buying them anyways. Oh well, you would think I would learn. I hope someone files a class action against Apple for preventing fair use. OK, let me not get too riled up....

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I love it too

by TechExec2 In reply to LOL

I even have a bookmark for it. I use it whenever I need a quick laugh. I cracks me up every time and lifts my mood.

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by jdclyde In reply to LOL

pay a buck a song?

It amazes me what people will pay for things.

Here I have been pissed off since the 80's when CD's came out, costing twice as much as a tape, yet production costs were a fraction of tape. "When the technology becomes mainstream, the price will come down." Bullfriggencrap it did.

CD's are way over priced, and now people are paying a buck a song, and as you say, you are still locked in with that song. Stop paying for your service, your songs stop working.

I do NOT think so....

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I was going to recommend something

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Anti-Copy

then I found this

So it looks like large quantities of fine grade will get yiou into trouble with the authorities.

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