Anti Spyware Recommendations Sought-

By mbwmn ·
I've had excellent results (on personal pc's) w/ Spybot S+D and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware recently. However, these are NOT FREE for corporate use...
Anyone have any experience w/ any Anti Spyware (Anti Malware) taht can be centrally managed in a small (30+user) win2003 AD environment?

I know Spybot S+D has central management of a sort. Malwarebytes AntiMalware does not. Can anyone recommend (or warn against) an addition to our Symantec EndPoint Protection?

Webroot looks expensive.

Spyware Doctor doesn't appear to offer centralized management.

Centralized deployment is not an issue (only 30+ users) but centralized management IS a requirement...(i have users ask me almost weekly to turn off their AV so they can get better youtube video playback and web-hosted game performance).

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I like

by Snuffy09 In reply to Anti Spyware Recommendati ...

Superantispyware remover

It is more powerful than spybot, It can find the tougher spywares and can remove them without restrting most of the time.

Threatfire is also very good, it has a built in realtime scanner that will alert you of suspicious activity that you can block or allow

AVG free 8 is very good, for AV

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thanks for the reminder...

by mbwmn In reply to I like

...about SuperAntiSpyware Remover. they're not advertising centralized management, but i've contacted them to confirm...

it looks like Threatfire and Spyware Doctor may be the same product....

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so far...

by mbwmn In reply to Anti Spyware Recommendati ...

adaware enterprise 2.1 has centralized management
webroot spysweeper ent. has centralized management
spybot s+d corporate has centralized management
counterspy has centralized management (wow, quite comprehensive)
spyware doctor NO centralized management
malwarebytes NO centralized management

i'm running a trial of Counterspy using my xp desktop as a server now...and feeling good about supporting what appears to be a US-based company...

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Counterspy: good stuff v/ v/

by robo_dev In reply to so far...

We used to run Webroot at one company I worked for, but it had some major issues playing well with other apps, especially Altiris software inventory and McAfee AV.

I used WebRoot at home, but got rid of it after it failed to detect or remove a very serious Vundo infection.

I just bought a site license for Vipre for home use after evaluating it on three different machines. Vipre is CounterSpy along with their AV software.

I had been running Trend 12 for AV and PC Tools Spyware doctor on some PCs...on others I was using AVG. Trend Micro was OK for Viruses, but terrible with respect to spyware, and a resource hog. PC tools Spyware doctor works very well, but it's a dog comapared to CounterSpy.

Counterspy is amazing in that it is not a resource hog....that's what really impresses me about it.

Using Vipre on an old 2.4GHZ PC with only 512MB, the processor utilization was only hovering around 30% when doing a full virus/spyware scan....I was actually able to surf the web while scanning.

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by mbwmn In reply to Counterspy: good stuff v/ ...

i appreciate the feedback. i did have issues w/ one user getting a pop-up box this am, which he reported referenced a "problem" w/ a "Symantec dll". same user that had "personal" software get shut down because of a key gen issue...in our corporate environment!

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by l.mark.hart In reply to Anti Spyware Recommendati ...

I use AVG on my personal machine and have had no issue. They have a free version so the price is right.

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I like AVG, and the price is right....

by robo_dev In reply to AVG

But when compared head-to-head with CounterSpy, AVG is much more processor intensive. I've got AVG on an old 1Ghz XP box and the processor just pegs at 100% when scanning. This weekend I'm gonna switch it to Vipre, since I bought a home site license ($50).

In every test and review I found, CounterSpy has the best, or second best detection rate
for virus/spyware.


PS: I don't work for Sunbelt software :)

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by 45GEEK In reply to Anti Spyware Recommendati ...

Trend Micro has an excellent product.

Avg is excellent except when it comes to 64-bit.

If you already have Symantec they have suites but have deplorable customer support and it has just gone down hill for the last couple of years.

I have tested many different ones for many different customers and it usually comes down to how much user interaction you want them to have (control) or how easy you want it to be to use. I would have to say for a small environment if no 64 bit users are involved AVG is your best bet. If a large organization Trend Micro or Kaparskey.

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thanks for the input...BUT-

by mbwmn In reply to Anti Spyware Recommendati ...

i was specifically looking for anti-spyware to augment Symantec EndPoint Protection in a corporate environment...most of the freebies are NOT free for corporate users...

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Sonic Wall

by tsec05 In reply to Anti Spyware Recommendati ...

Maybe you should have a look at Sonic WaLL


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