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By jfuller05 ·
Are the days of "must-have" anti-virus gone? Reason I ask, a guy I was talking to at work was telling me that he doesn't have any anti-virus software on his computer, never had a virus, and he said probably won't ever. Of course, being curious, I asked what do you do with your computer? He said that he plays mmorpgs, surfs the web, but doesn't really download anything. I asked him if his computer seemed to run slow or anything of the sort and he quickly said, no my computer is really fast. He said he has a quad-core processor, 8g ram, and running Windows Vista. He also mentioned that he's never had any problems with Vista. He does use a firewall, which I was thinking you must have a firewall, but I was also thinking the only reason you wouldn't need ant-virus software would be if you practiced good web surfing habits and maybe got online just every now and then. I know that with Windows Vista, Microsoft implemented a lot of safety features; what are your opinions? Of course, running Linux you probably wouldn't need AV software, but this guy uses Vista. I tend to lean towards having anti-virus software on a computer, but maybe I'm too cautious?
Thoughts? Opinions on the subject?

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What about other people?

by Nickgreene In reply to Anti-virus

I can only assume that at some point someone other than him uses his computer.
*Do they practice the safe browsing methods that he does?
*Does he watch them surfing?
*What if a friend has a virus on their laptop, because their friend (this guy w/o av) said they didn't need it. They come over get on his network and infects his pc?

I know people that have said the same thing, then somehow they get infected.

I put some AV on every computer I service, even if internet isn't available. They at least get a free version of Avira.

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No kidding,

by jfuller05 In reply to What about other people?

If he was using a computer here (the Govt Center where I work) he would have AV on his computer whether he liked it or not.
He was telling me about his home computer. I would think too that his kids or someone is getting on the computer other than him.

*I like Avira too*

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How does he really know he doesn't have any?

by Nickgreene In reply to No kidding,

I bet if he ran an av/spyware scan he'd have something on his computer.

Let him get burned I say.

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He is at risk still

by IC-IT In reply to Anti-virus

Think advertisements and Java injection.
I loaded up TR on morning, signed in and left for a smoke.
5 minutes later came back to see a warning about Anti-Virus 2010.
There doesn't really seem to be such a thing as safe surfing.

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right there with ya....

by ---TK--- In reply to He is at risk still

I always us an AV on my Windows PC's... An AV consumes how much memory, 4-9 MB's? Plus using a quad-core and 8 gigs of RAM, its not like he will notice an AV blogging him down...

Like him I use a quad-core with 4 gigs of RAM, with windows 7. I am the only person who uses my rig, and it is strictly for gaming. I do not surf the net with it AT ALL! Two weeks ago I ran my weekly scan (Malwarebytes), and I had a hijacker that managed to get in...? I was able to clean it but... The point is, regardless of what you do, if your PC is on the net, you can get infected.

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I HATE that Anti-Virus 2010

by DMambo In reply to He is at risk still

I'm had several people ask me about it after they OK'ed the warning. It's a nasty little bug. CCleaner, ComboFix, MBAM, etc. It takes an arsenal to beat it.

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It's good too...

by jfuller05 In reply to I HATE that Anti-Virus 2 ...

it fools a lot of people. My father-in-law fell for it, he thought that he needed it, and on top of that he got zango too! I had to manually go into the registry to get rid of the main chunk of zango then, I followed up with Malwarebytes, spybot, and installed AVG. Now, the computer is fine. That was maybe a year and a half ago.

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I've been wondering too

by pjroutledge In reply to Anti-virus

I'm careful and cautious and I do run AV software on my Windows PC.

I'm not the only person using the PC.

In all the years that I've been running the AV software (perhaps five years) I've kept an eye on the logs and I've never (not even once) seen a single virus detected.

The AV software is automatically updated every time somebody logs on.

I'm using Avast.

What I have seen is a significant load on the CPU and on my net traffic due to the AV software running and updating.

So, I've been wondering too. Why am I bothering?



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I'm not sure anymore

by Wild Card In reply to Anti-virus

Years ago, I had Norton. My PC got infected and Norton just smeared it all over the HD instead of cleaning it. I reinstalled the OS and never put another AV on. I am by no means a "safe surfer" and I never got anything that looked like it compromised the computer. This was of course, before all them new fangled detection tools.

Fast forward to now. I still don't surf safe, but I use firewalls and anti everything. Every night I run a scan and destroy on the PC. With all that, I got hit with something that turned my lil ol PC into a zombie.

Now after my lastest reinstall, I put more safeguards in and just keep the bare minimum on it. Still don't surf safe.

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