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Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware small business solutions

By jonathan h ·
"Netsky-P led the top 10 chart for malware threats in August, retaining its rank despite the availability of fixes for more than two years." C-NET Sept. 1, 2006

With issues such as this in mind what are good small business solutions beyond the obvious update, anti-virus/spyware?
How can I keep users from creating the problem without making them feel as if I am taking all their privileges away.

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How small?

by Roger99a In reply to Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware s ...

Are we talking about a small company with it's own mail server/server room?

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10 users

by jonathan h In reply to How small?

No server room, just a small server running Windows Server 2003. There are ten users. Nine run XP SP2 and one runs 2000 Pro SP4. I am trying to get the boss to spring for a replacement for the machine running 2000.

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I'm the "new guy"

by jonathan h In reply to How small?

I am new to the organization and see some gaping holes in the management of the network as it is and I would like to work toward getting things secured and monitored, but I don't want to start by stepping on anyones toes this early.

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AD Tricks

by Roger99a In reply to Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware s ...

There's a couple of tricks I use that have almost eliminated spyware on my lan. Assuming you have a Windows 200x domain, you can use Spybot S&amp or one of the registry patches to immunize the domain controller. This adds a whole bunch of bad sites to Internet Explorers untrusted site list. Then you use Group Policy to export the local settings to the domain. You keep this updated on occasion and a lot of bad stuff just gets blocked. Also, you can download the custom host file from and add a script that automatically copies it to the clients on login. That's good added protection, but may slow the Win2K machine.

I also use HTTP proxies and SMTP filters on my LAN. There are plenty of open source solutions for this.

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