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Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software of choice

By CompHelpNJ ·
We all have our favorite and least favorite anti-virus software choices. I am setting up a new network for a small company (10 or fewer employees) and I need to choose an anti-virus program for the server and desktops. My hardware supplier is recommending a popular (yet very ineffective) product. I need to choose an alternative but I can't decide which product to use instead.

Any suggestions?

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by CG IT In reply to Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware s ...

I like Symantec Enterprise AV. They have a central management console and can do remote install of AV.

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We use CA

by Roger99a In reply to Symantec

And I can't really say anything to recommend it.

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by phodges0921 In reply to We use CA

We have been using Sophos Enterprise for about 3 years now. It has worked great. It is easy to deploy, has a very fast scanning engine and uses "on access scanning" which consumes no system resources unless a virus is activated. Sophos detects viruses, trojans, spyware and adware.

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What version?

by pworlton In reply to We use CA

Just curious what version you are using. One of my clients has the new version and it is radically different than the older ones. While the management console has become much more complex, it also has expanded capabilities. I definately wouldn't call CA "intuitive" though.

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Symantec Corporate

by Villas In reply to Symantec

Not to heavy, remote control over clients, fast and small download updates.....the works.

Best LAN working AV I've seen so far.

You can control all your clients trough the server and has a lot of nice features. Support for lotus notes, Exchange server....everything

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by kymerd In reply to Symantec Corporate

I have been using the corp. version of Trend for about 4 years and love it. I was using Norton Antivirus at home and have really mixed feelings about it. I used to love it, but last year I had to deal with Tech Support several times and was extremely disappointed in their service and responses. My Norton at home expires this month, so I am dumping it and trying Trend at home. No thoughts about the home version of Trend as of yet.

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Used Symantec, prefer Trend Micro

by wb4alm In reply to Symantec

I have used Symantec products in both the corporate and personal environments.

After MAJOR support issues, I no longer recommend Symantec. Period.

After a long search, and recommendations from other professionals, I selected Trend-Micro's Pc-Cillion Internet suite for individual systems. Have found it to very very flexable, and kept upto date better than most. During my testing, Pc-Cillion discovered more "problems" then did the others that were tested.

Have had some "unique" problems that required
calls to Trend-Micro's support, and have been very happy with the results.

TrendMicro also hase some "corporate" solutions for larger networks, and were very fast in responding to questions and suggestions.

By the way, I have six personal machines that I protect in my homelab, along with several machines at several remote sites...

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McAfee. Norton, AVG

by jdmercha In reply to Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware s ...

I've seen problems with the prepackaged McAfee and Norton Suites. If you can just install the AV part of it then they are both fine.

I use McAfee at work and have home use rights. But I use <b>AVG</b> at home.

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by omar.mendez In reply to McAfee. Norton, AVG

I had worked with Symantec,McAfee,Trendmicro CA and Sophos products in a network environment and the one better works for me is from TrendMicro so, I recommend a solution from Trendmicro.

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I don't like McAfee or Norton

by davidtek In reply to McAfee. Norton, AVG

Both have become HUGELY bloated POS's IMHO and I've run into issues with AVG at home like it kindly notifying me that a file was infected as it let the infection run rampant through my laptop, however it's still what I'm using onmy laptop until something better comes along in the free market, like comodo, who's personal firewall ROCKS but their AV/AS is still in beta.

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