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    Anti-Virus Rollout to Mobile users


    by ron3965 ·

    Has anyone successfully implemented an ongoing process to update anti-virus templates to mobile users?

    I’d love to hear of your experience…

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      Not very successful, but here goes…

      by mhubbard ·

      In reply to Anti-Virus Rollout to Mobile users

      I wouldn’t say that we’ve been very successful, but we do make an attempt. The way our corporate handles it is by having a pop-up window appear after a user has logged in via VPN, telling them to go to our internal FTP site to download and run the update. Unfortunately the user cannot copy/paste the link, they can only click OK on the window to close it. I doubt that many users actually take the time to get and install the update.

      In my office, I have my field support personnel send an email to our field employees with a batch file attached. Telling the users that they must launch the batch file immediately, and reply (not with history) letting us know that they’ve completed the update.

      This method is labor intensive, but it’s the only way I know that we are completely up to date with the virus definitions in the field.

      Regards and good luck.

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