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By kb8yvg ·
My subscription on Norton is about to run out. Thinking of changing to AVG. Would this be a good move or not. Have a couple weeks to play with and just can't make up my mind. Had thoughts of Kaspersky too but have read a few negatives about that one. What do I do!!!!!

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Thats a hard decision

by Slayer_ In reply to Anti Virus Software

I personally hate AVG, but others will swear by it.

I think the only true unified response here will be, that you are right to remove Norton.

Kaspersky I know for sure is a great virus scanner, but remember its not free.

I personally use Avira and suggest it to all my friends. So far everyone that has been ruined by viruses, usually while runing NOD32 or AVG, have been cured by Avira. with 100% success rate. Avira also uses very little memory and the active scan barely hurts performance at all. However the full scan, will grind your system to a hault, don't try working on stuff while your doing a system scan.

But the thing about virus scanners, you absolutly love them... till they let you down.

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by teh_tr_monk In reply to Thats a hard decision

I have used avira free. Its okay. The free edition causes ad popups so I uninstalled it.
I used to use Symantec Endpoint Protection, but it is a huge resource hog and as it is a corporate solution, it does not include features like malicious webpage detection.
AVG has worked great for me.

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east to stop ad popups :)

by Slayer_ In reply to ehhhh...

Change the permissions on the executable so that "System" does not have execute rights. Problem solved :).

This fix is pretty much spammed accross the internet, a quick google search would have helped you :).

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by teh_tr_monk In reply to east to stop ad popups :)

good tip, thanks

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av rankings

by teh_tr_monk In reply to Anti Virus Software
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Wow NOD32

by Slayer_ In reply to av rankings

And I always hear so much praise about it lol

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must be just hype

by teh_tr_monk In reply to Wow NOD32

lol yeah 9% woo freaking hoo.

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what the heck is the microsoft virus scanner?

by Slayer_ In reply to must be just hype

Or does that entry simply mean how many viruses MS caught, as it got infected by?

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by teh_tr_monk In reply to what the heck is the micr ...

lol probably One Care

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by teh_tr_monk In reply to Wow NOD32

McAfee really took a beating too. I remember the days when it was all the rage. No wonder Comcast pawns it off to their customers.

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