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Anti-Virus Software

By Neil Higgins ·
Here's something we all have in common.The virus.What programs do others use,and why?
I use to use Norton,untill it was taken over by Symantic,got hacked so many times on the web,that it was'nt worth installing,plus,trying to uninstall the damn thing took forever,and usually wrecked my original configeration.McAfee,Anti Vir,AVG,the list is endless.Any thoughts.

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Alwil's avast! antivirus

by NI70 In reply to Anti-Virus Software

I've been using avast! antivirus after my Symantec subscription ran out. Try it for 60 days and if you want it's free for a year for home users who register. After one year you can re-register. avast! is very user friendly, offers "On-Access Scanner", and automatic updates. Also offers P2P, IM, Internet Mail, Outlook (SMTP, POP3), Network, Standard, and Web Shields.

I tried Grisoft's AVG about a year ago, didn't really like the interface etc.

EDIT: With avast! you can actually schedule a virus scan during the boot process, and I haven't seen or figured out if Norton or others can be configured to schedule a boot scan.

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I tossed NAV

by MorrellF In reply to Anti-Virus Software

I went down the NIS road, almost to ruin. I bought the 5 user CD for 4 PCs. reinstalls failed time and again.
So I jumped ship to protect my LAN and bought NOD32 from ESSET. I have not looked back since.


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I like CA's etrust

by computers In reply to Anti-Virus Software

I have been using CA's etrust antivirus for a number of years and am quite pleased. I started when the personal version was available for free over the internet, and continued after I had to pay for it. Currently, there are two versions available for desktops of which I am aware. There is etrust 2005, which is marketed through stores in the States (I am located in Israel, where we don't have it in the stores yet, but remember seeing it almost everywhere I looked on my last trip a year ago), which is easy to install, and takes virtually no configuration.

There is also etrust 7, which is the version for use on networks. This takes a little configuration after installation. It updates as often as you set it for, and has 2 virus engines. I have this installed on my machine, and frequently use it to clean viruses from hard disks taken from machines that had Norton, McAfee, and AVG installed.

Another good antivirus is ESET's NOD32. It will disconnect from a website that tries to download a program to the computer, but can't clean viruses in memory.

The Etrust is good at cleaning viruses in memory, and at giving me full information about the occasional infected files it can't clean, so I can get at them in safe mode. Definitely my first choice.

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Anti-Virus Software

by pjs38 In reply to Anti-Virus Software

I had the same experience. Used to use Norton, but had so MANY problems with it, particularilay when trying to uninstall, that I removed it from all of my machines. I have used AVG for some time now (the Free VErsion) and think it is a really good program.
I just recently loaded Avast on my grand-daughter laptop and that too seems to be a pretty neat program. I would recommend either of those as my first choices.

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by Anandu In reply to Anti-Virus Software

We use corporate Symantec version 8 in our environment. So far it's OK. We are thinking to upgrade to Symantec 10. This new version is claiming that it can also detect Spyware. I don't know how much true it is, but anyone of you has experience with new version 10? Do you think it can also detect Spyware? I read some where that even though they are claiming about spyware, their engine is not designed to catch spyware.

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Symantec Corporate 10

by heathlair In reply to Symantec

We are using Symantec Corporate 10 and are quite pleased with its abililty to detect spyware. I especially like the feature that allows you to get information about the spyware detected through a simple hyperlink in the scan history.

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SAV 10.0.2 problems

by k.dingman In reply to Symantec

I upgraded our Symantec Anti-Virus Corp to version 10 in early Feb. We had been using V9.x very sucessfully (10 servers and about 50 workstations)

Almost immediately we began to have problems with "losing conection" with the primary SAV server. Symantec tech support was not very helpful but did not seem at all surprised that I was having this issue. I tried every "fix" that they recommended.
Only a complete uninstall of the product fixed the problem. Client versions work fine but the management server has caused my organization nothing but problems. I only have 1 server version that is "behaving" properly on the WAN. And it took many hours to get it working properly.

I normally like the SAV product and am hoping that they come out with a patched version that does not cause these issues. Until then I am running the clients unmanaged.

I may end up going back to v9.x since it worked fine.

My personal feeling is that all the new functionality that they added to V10 has caused these issues...

Just my 2 cents.

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Drop Norton

by NZBN In reply to SAV 10.0.2 problems

I would advise dropping Symantecs antivirus products alltogether, They take up to much resources, are slow dont detect and remove all threatware and eventually crash your PC on you. Go with NOD32 you can visit my site and at near the top right is a bunch of comparisons between many antiviruses and reviews. Tech support is fantastic, (Recently for a large college here that I implemented it into NOD32 Hueristics had a false detection on some software that they wanted to install due to the nature of what it did and within days of e-mailing tech support for NOD32 they had the false detection fixed) Network discounts available, Fast, covers all threatware, easy to use interface (including the remote management console which is according to my customers the easiest they have ever come accross.)

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by Schuylkill In reply to Anti-Virus Software

We use CA eTrust in our desktops and servers, but it does not get much of a workout, because we also have SurfControl e-mail and web filters in place that do an amazing job at blocking all kinds of unpleasantness.

For those computers that are off our network (laptops, home users, and whatnot), we had been using Norton Internet Security 2003, 2004, or 2005, and also Symantec Client Security 2.0. We are moving to ZoneLabs Internet Security Suite, which includes an antivirus piece. We are making the switch away from Norton/Symantec because Norton requires that users be local administrators of their computers in order for updates to download (big security hole, since this allows spyware to install). We chose ZoneLabs based on the security baseline in Brian Livingston's Windows Secrets Newsletter, which in turn is based on a PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award.

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by jee_grover In reply to Variety

I agree that ZoneAlarm is a very strong product.

Symantec's flaws are always visible to anyone who uses their products. However, I must say that I've been using Client Security 3.0 in my network and finally I can say that a Symantec product works well.


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