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By Outlaw48 ·
Can anyone tell me if it is worth buying BitDefender for my home computer. I spend a lot of time surfing the internet and doing research. I currnetly have Avast on my system, but recently had the computer contact a virus. It is being looked at by a computer repair company now. A friend told me about Bit Defender. he says it is one of the best anti virus software out there. A 10 ten review site also rank it number one.
Any input from a computer tech expert would be greatly appreciated.

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My opinion is that the choice of AV is not that critical

by robo_dev In reply to Anti Virus Software

The two main issues are how much the AV software slows down your computer and what is it's typical detection rate.

'Typical Detection Rates' are like earnings from a stock investment....actual mileage may vary, and if you get the one virus that's new, the other 99.99% detection rate is meaningless.

AV software won't stop the latest and greatest malware, since the AV does not know about it.

For example, I use Sunbelt Vipre on some machines, Microsoft Security Essentials on some, Avast on others.

I like Vipre since it uses little processing power, so it is good for a netbook.

But realistically, unless the PC is locked down, the browser is something other than IE, and user knows to stay away from bad sites, there will be viruses that walk all over the AV software, since it's that one virus that's not in the signature file that gets you.

I've never used Bit Defender.

The one app that I am testing at the moment is the new version of Webroot.

Webroot bought Prevx, and Prevx is very good, so I would guess their products would reflect that combined goodness. Still testing, though...

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by oldbaritone In reply to My opinion is that the ch ...
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by SmartAceW0LF In reply to My opinion is that the ch ...

Glad to hear what you say about Vipre. Considered giving it a try. Webroot however, in my experience, has been just deplorable with regard to resources. Has something changed there?

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Thank you

by Outlaw48 In reply to Anti Virus Software

Thank you for the quick reply.

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Yup, I agree.

by gdburton In reply to Anti Virus Software

Looking at the outcome of many home users' systems I really do find that viruses are as likely to slip past paid for, expensive AV solutions as much as the free ones. The only conclusions I do read from the great work done by are:-
1. Nothing is 100% reliable or even close enough to be able to rely on alone.
2. Increased detection rate leads to increased false positive detections. Which in my mind are also a problem.
3 Yes generally the paid for systems are a little better, but some come with a heavy processing cost.

So IMHO there is nothing that should be seen as "the best". Make a choice, then choose a second and maybe third solution to run sometimes too. This may help the fight, but will absorb your time and potentially your money and STILL will not be 100%!

Just to add, I think most of the "big name" suppliers products have been through good and bad periods so that peoples reports of good or bad experiences can be misleading. But I also think that people spend too much time obsessing about the choice. As they all fail some of the time, it just strengthens the point that users need to keep being reminded to think how they would recover from a major infection. Either hours spent extracting the important data from the infected mess or having a sensible back-up routine.
Of course most peoples back-up routine either does not exist or is just as likely to get infected before the virus is identified and killed!

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by happytoday1500 In reply to Yup, I agree.

I think someone should mention that when you talk about second and third solutions when talking about AV programs that you should only use one at a time. Never keep two running at the same time.

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by cmwade1977 In reply to Anti Virus Software

Your best defense is a good offense. In other words, don't do stupid things online.

That being said, some things will get past you and you need a second line of defense. In my opinion ESET is the best with Microsoft Essentials being a great runner up. I would not recommend any others, as there are major hardware hits with most of them and they do not catch enough to be worthwhile.

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by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Behavior

Same here. ESET is an excellent choice for small footprint and getting the job done. As stated by others previously, there is no replacement for a common sense approach to this. Heck even a totally paranoid approach is not out of place.
Nothing is free.
No one is going to give you access to bargains anywhere that aren't already available to you by other means.
READ every detail of what you are installing and stop clicking "Next" blindly. <--- Im still working on this one myself.

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Why pay for AV?

by OldGrayWolf In reply to Anti Virus Software

I just know someone--or lots of someones--will hate this, but...

I use Avast! free version, and Advanced SystemCare free version, and can remember only one instance of picking up a virus in the past four years. Occasionally, I uninstall both, install MalwareBytes free version and run a deep scan just for kicks to see if it can pick up some sneaky pest. The virus I did get came in on a photo someone else sent to me from their infected computer. When I figured that bit out, I went over to the victim's house and installed my Big 3 Freebies and cleaned house on her computer, taught her how to run it-- and BIG important item coming-- emphasized the absolute necessity of being faithful to run the programs in updated form at least once a week if not daily. I run my scans daily, even though I do keep them scanning in the background...paranoia pays off in a reasonably secure system.

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by Outlaw48 In reply to Anti Virus Software

Thanks for all the great answers, being just a home user and getting info from all you experts is awesome. I plan on learning more myself thru self help books and online info sites, but till I do getting tips from experts is great.

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