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    by jtfutbal ·

    What would be the best free anti-virus?

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      by jtfutbal ·

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      Best Free Antivirus Software?…Take your pick……

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      What is good for me might be hell for you, so you choose what is the better for you.

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        Scanned the link.

        by ron k. ·

        In reply to Best Free Antivirus Software?…Take your pick……

        For AVG it says to untick Resident Shield, with no explanation. I use AVG with all of it’s features active and have no issues.

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          AVG Resident Shield

          by peconet tietokoneet ·

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          It is the monitoring portion of AVG anti-virus program. It runs continuously to monitor your computer for possible viruses and infections. If it detects anything, you will receive an alert indicating the problem and the suggestion to run the anti-virus program. The resident shield does not remove viruses though, just warns you that it has found something. You have to run an anti-virus program to remove it or find it yourself and remove it. You can also right click on it in the home page and just select ignore component

          * Actually, it monitors files you click on, or that are started by other programs, and keeps the virus from executing, it will then automatically give you the option to repair or delete the file.

          * Resident Shield is protecting the computer whenever the OS is running. It is working in the background and ensures transparent anti-virus file check during file opening, executing and optionally during file saving. Resident Shield runs automatically. If a virus is detected, Resident Shield denies opening or running of the infected file. Resident shield stores information about files it has checked elevating the need to recheck them if no modifications have been made.

          So, i do not know why they said “untick Resident Shield”, unless you have your own anti-virus then it would make sense. But then why have two Anti-viruses on your system?

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          I suspect that it was advice for an old upgrade.

          by ron k. ·

          In reply to AVG Resident Shield

          AVG screwed the pooch quite awhile back and Resident Shield slowed installations down terribly. I used AVG through that period of time, I just had Resident Shield turned off. I suspect that it wasn’t long before a deluge of complaints made it back to Grisoft. Resident Shield was fixed rather quickly, maybe within a month.
          AVG has worked flawlessly for me, with all features active, ever since then.
          I still like to caution people, all of the security programs on a computer are only as good as the last clean, full backup.

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      my own personal opinion

      by purpleskys ·

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        For me it’s been a toss up.

        by ron k. ·

        In reply to my own personal opinion

        Avast or AVG. They’re both good. I simply stick with AVG on all of our computers because it’s good and other than their one hiccup it’s worked for us.
        We do regular backups here at home too. *nag nag nag* My wife actually does more w… wo… wor… that W word on her computer, than I do so it’s prudent for us all to have regular backups because if something goes sideways I’ll have to fix the stupid things.

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          by purpleskys ·

          In reply to For me it’s been a toss up.

          Ron, you’re a good man 😉 Darryl does all the work here, but I do have a bunch of stuff on mine that I would hate to loose; he does a daily, weekly, and monthly back up (or at least that’s how I think he told me it went).

          I have used AVG, just not for a lot of years and I could never find fault with it at all. I do know a lot of folks that still swear by it and I’ve had to make sure that I put it back on their machines after a reformat.

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      RE: [i]What would be the best free anti-virus?

      by oh smeg ·

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      The one that works best on your system with your Software and Hardware Combination and your Computer Usage Habits.

      The one that causes less intrusions to your work is the best one for you to use.


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      free av

      by prrethish ·

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      in my opinion avast is the best free av

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        Out of curiosity, I have a couple of questions.

        by ron k. ·

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        To be an annoyance-What software do you use to perform and restore complete backups? How often do you perform complete backups?

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      Best Antivirus

      by navi147 ·

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      i suggest Semantic or Mcafee

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        Anyone that recommends Symantec for PCs

        by ron k. ·

        In reply to Best Antivirus

        loses all credibility with me, instantly.
        They may have good network protection, I don’t know but one of the first things I’ll do to speed up a PC is to use the Symantec removal tool to get rid of Symantec.
        Tell me, tell me, why is it better than Avast or AVG?
        McAfee Site Advisor is okay but I didn’t like their AV and won’t pay for it. I don’t need the paid for version of my choice, AVG. That’s why I stick with the free version.
        I have to laugh. If you do full backups you backup Symantec too. It may not be funny to anyone else but it’s funny, in a sad way, to me.
        Do you do backups or do you rely on Symantec to secure your data and OS for all time?

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